María José Piernas Muñoz
María José Piernas Muñoz
Argonne National Laboratory
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Higher voltage plateau cubic Prussian White for Na-ion batteries
MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, O Bondarchuk, M Armand, T Rojo
Journal of Power Sources 324, 766-773, 2016
Electrochemical characterization of NaFe2 (CN) 6 Prussian Blue as positive electrode for aqueous sodium-ion batteries
AJ Fernández-Ropero, MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, T Rojo, ...
Electrochimica Acta 210, 352-357, 2016
K1− xFe2+ x/3 (CN) 6· yH2O, Prussian blue as a displacement anode for lithium ion batteries
MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, V Roddatis, M Armand, T Rojo
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Optimizing the electrolyte and binder composition for Sodium Prussian Blue, Na1-xFex+ (1/3)(CN) 6· yH2O, as cathode in sodium ion batteries
MJ Piernas-Muñoz, E Castillo-Martínez, JL Gómez-Cámer, T Rojo
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WM Dose, VA Maroni, MJ Piernas-Muñoz, SE Trask, I Bloom, CS Johnson
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WM Dose, MJ Piernas-Muñoz, VA Maroni, SE Trask, I Bloom, CS Johnson
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Prussian blue based batteries
MJP Muñoz, EC Martínez
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Liquid Ammonia Chemical Lithiation: An Approach for High-Energy and High-Voltage Si–Graphite|Li1+xNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Li-Ion Batteries
WM Dose, J Blauwkamp, MJ Piernas-Muñoz, I Bloom, X Rui, RF Klie, ...
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Stabilized electrode/electrolyte interphase by a saturated ionic liquid electrolyte for high-voltage NMC532/Si-graphite cells
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Introduction to batteries
MJP Muñoz, EC Martínez
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Prussian blue and its analogues. Structure, characterization and applications
MJP Muñoz, EC Martínez
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Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS): a powerful technique to study the SEI layer in batteries
MJ Piernas-Muñoz, A Tornheim, S Trask, Z Zhang, I Bloom
Chemical Communications 57 (18), 2253-2256, 2021
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