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Marta Martínez-Sanz
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Optimization of the nanofabrication by acid hydrolysis of bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers
M Martínez-Sanz, A Lopez-Rubio, JM Lagaron
Carbohydrate Polymers 85 (1), 228-236, 2011
Electrospun curcumin-loaded protein nanofiber mats as active/bioactive coatings for food packaging applications
A Alehosseini, LG Gómez-Mascaraque, M Martínez-Sanz, A López-Rubio
Food Hydrocolloids 87, 758-771, 2019
Optimization of the dispersion of unmodified bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers into polylactide via melt compounding to significantly enhance barrier and mechanical properties
M Martinez-Sanz, A Lopez-Rubio, JM Lagaron
Biomacromolecules 13 (11), 3887-3899, 2012
Characterization of polyhydroxyalkanoates synthesized from microbial mixed cultures and of their nanobiocomposites with bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers
M Martínez-Sanz, M Villano, C Oliveira, MGE Albuquerque, M Majone, ...
New biotechnology 31 (4), 364-376, 2014
Development and characterization of chitosan/gelatin electrosprayed microparticles as food grade delivery vehicles for anthocyanin extracts
E Atay, MJ Fabra, M Martínez-Sanz, LG Gomez-Mascaraque, A Altan, ...
Food Hydrocolloids 77, 699-710, 2018
Production of unpurified agar-based extracts from red seaweed Gelidium sesquipedale by means of simplified extraction protocols
M Martínez-Sanz, LG Gómez-Mascaraque, AR Ballester, A Martínez-Abad, ...
Algal Research 38, 101420, 2019
Application of X-ray and neutron small angle scattering techniques to study the hierarchical structure of plant cell walls: A review
M Martínez-Sanz, MJ Gidley, EP Gilbert
Carbohydrate Polymers 125, 120-134, 2015
Structure of cellulose microfibrils in mature cotton fibres
M Martínez-Sanz, F Pettolino, B Flanagan, MJ Gidley, EP Gilbert
Carbohydrate polymers 175, 450-463, 2017
Development of electrospun EVOH fibres reinforced with bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers. Part I: Characterization and method optimization
M Martínez-Sanz, RT Olsson, A Lopez-Rubio, JM Lagaron
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Structural and physicochemical characterization of thermoplastic corn starch films containing microalgae
MJ Fabra, M Martínez-Sanz, LG Gómez-Mascaraque, R Gavara, ...
Carbohydrate polymers 186, 184-191, 2018
Superabsorbent food packaging bioactive cellulose-based aerogels from Arundo donax waste biomass
C Fontes-Candia, E Erboz, A Martínez-Abad, A López-Rubio, ...
Food Hydrocolloids 96, 151-160, 2019
Cellulose-pectin composite hydrogels: Intermolecular interactions and material properties depend on order of assembly
P Lopez-Sanchez, M Martinez-Sanz, MR Bonilla, D Wang, EP Gilbert, ...
Carbohydrate Polymers 162, 71-81, 2017
Potential of lignocellulosic fractions from Posidonia oceanica to improve barrier and mechanical properties of bio-based packaging materials
I Benito-González, A López-Rubio, M Martínez-Sanz
International journal of biological macromolecules 118, 542-551, 2018
Evidence for differential interaction mechanism of plant cell wall matrix polysaccharides in hierarchically-structured bacterial cellulose
M Martínez-Sanz, P Lopez-Sanchez, MJ Gidley, EP Gilbert
Cellulose 22, 1541-1563, 2015
High-barrier coated bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers films with reduced moisture sensitivity
M Martínez-Sanz, A Lopez-Rubio, JM Lagaron
Carbohydrate polymers 98 (1), 1072-1082, 2013
Coaxial electrospraying of biopolymers as a strategy to improve protection of bioactive food ingredients
LG Gómez-Mascaraque, F Tordera, MJ Fabra, M Martínez-Sanz, ...
Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 51, 2-11, 2019
Development of food packaging bioactive aerogels through the valorization of Gelidium sesquipedale seaweed
JP de Oliveira, GP Bruni, MJ Fabra, E da Rosa Zavareze, A López-Rubio, ...
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Nanomaterials for Food Applications
LR Amparo, MJF Rovira, MM Sanz, LG Gomez-Mascaraque
Elsevier, 2018
Incorporation of poly (glycidylmethacrylate) grafted bacterial cellulose nanowhiskers in poly (lactic acid) nanocomposites: Improved barrier and mechanical properties
M Martínez-Sanz, MA Abdelwahab, A Lopez-Rubio, JM Lagaron, ...
European Polymer Journal 49 (8), 2062-2072, 2013
Adsorption behaviour of polyphenols on cellulose is affected by processing history
D Liu, M Martinez-Sanz, P Lopez-Sanchez, EP Gilbert, MJ Gidley
Food Hydrocolloids 63, 496-507, 2017
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