José Justicia
José Justicia
Profesor Titular Química Orgánica, Universidad de Granada
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Bioactive Metabolites from a Marine-Derived Strain of the Fungus Emericella variecolor
J Malmstrøm, C Christophersen, AF Barrero, JE Oltra, J Justicia, ...
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Exploiting PdII and TiIII Chemistry To Obtain γ-Dioxygenated Terpenoids:  Synthesis of Rostratone and Novel Approaches to Aphidicolin and Pyripyropene A
J Justicia, JE Oltra, JM Cuerva
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 70 (21), 8265-8272, 2005
Pyrene-Containing ortho-Oligo(phenylene)ethynylene Foldamer as a Ratiometric Probe Based on Circularly Polarized Luminescence
P Reiné, J Justicia, SP Morcillo, S Abbate, B Vaz, M Ribagorda, A Orte, ...
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M Paradas, AG Campana, ML Marcos, J Justicia, A Haidour, R Robles, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (37), 8796-8800, 2010
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