Daowei Zhang
Daowei Zhang
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Gait variability: methods, modeling and meaning
JM Hausdorff
Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation 2 (1), 19, 2005
Measurement of electroweak parameters from hadronic and leptonic decays of theZ0
B Adeva, O Adriani, M Aguilar-Benitez, H Akbari, J Alcaraz, A Aloisio, ...
Zeitschrift für Physik C Particles and Fields 51 (2), 179-203, 1991
Measurement of the production cross section of an isolated photon associated with jets in proton-proton collisions at with the ATLAS detector
G Aad, B Abbott, J Abdallah, AA Abdelalim, A Abdesselam, O Abdinov, ...
Physical Review D 85 (9), 092014, 2012
Sticks, carrots, and reforestation investment
D Zhang, WA Flick
Land Economics 77 (3), 443-456, 2001
Observation of a Narrow Pentaquark State, , and of the Two-Peak Structure of the
R Aaij, CA Beteta, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, CA Aidala, Z Ajaltouni, S Akar, ...
Physical review letters 122 (22), 222001, 2019
Forest parcelization in the United States: a study of contributing factors
SR Mehmood, D Zhang
Journal of Forestry 99 (4), 30-34, 2001
Search for electroweak production of supersymmetric states in scenarios with compressed mass spectra at with the ATLAS detector
M Aaboud, G Aad, B Abbott, O Abdinov, B Abeloos, SH Abidi, ...
Physical Review D 97 (5), 052010, 2018
Land tenure, market, and the establishment of forest plantations in Ghana
D Zhang, EA Owiredu
Forest Policy and Economics 9 (6), 602-610, 2007
Photocatalytic water splitting for hydrogen generation on cubic, orthorhombic, and tetragonal KNbO 3 microcubes
T Zhang, K Zhao, J Yu, J Jin, Y Qi, H Li, X Hou, G Liu
Nanoscale 5 (18), 8375-8383, 2013
Measurement of the CKM angle γ using B±DK± with D → KS0π+π, KS0K+K decays
R Aaij, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, A Affolder, Z Ajaltouni, S Akar, J Albrecht, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2014 (10), 97, 2014
Small-scale non-industrial private forest ownership in the United States: rationale and implications for forest management
Y Zhang, D Zhang, J Schelhas
Silva Fennica, Vol. 39 (3): 443-454, 2005
Surface-Structure Sensitivity of CeO2 Nanocrystals in Photocatalysis and Enhancing the Reactivity with Nanogold
W Lei, T Zhang, L Gu, P Liu, JA Rodriguez, G Liu, M Liu
ACS Catalysis 5 (7), 4385-4393, 2015
Search for Lepton-Universality Violation in Decays
R Aaij, CA Beteta, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, CA Aidala, Z Ajaltouni, S Akar, ...
Physical review letters 122 (19), 191801, 2019
Physics case for an LHCb Upgrade II-Opportunities in flavour physics, and beyond, in the HL-LHC era
R Aaij, G Ciezarek, P Collins, U Straumann, S Roiser, W Qian, A Vollhardt, ...
Measurement of the WW+ WZ cross section and limits on anomalous triple gauge couplings using final states with one lepton, missing transverse momentum, and two jets with the …
G Aad, B Abbott, J Abdallah, SA Khalek, O Abdinov, R Aben, B Abi, ...
Journal of High Energy Physics 2015 (1), 49, 2015
Assessing the Financial Performance of Forestry‐Related Investment Vehicles: Capital Asset Pricing Model vs. Arbitrage Pricing Theory
C Sun, D Zhang
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 83 (3), 617-628, 2001
Measurement of the Lifetime of the Doubly Charmed Baryon
R Aaij, B Adeva, M Adinolfi, CA Aidala, Z Ajaltouni, S Akar, P Albicocco, ...
Physical review letters 121 (5), 052002, 2018
Differences in silvicultural investment under various types of forest tenure in British Columbia
D Zhang, PH Pearse
Forest Science 42 (4), 442-449, 1996
Measurement of ΓbbΓhad from hadronic decays of the Z
O Adrian, M Aguilar-Benitez, S Ahlen, J Alcaraz, A Aloisio, G Alverson, ...
Physics Letters B 307 (1-2), 237-246, 1993
Combination of searches for heavy resonances decaying into bosonic and leptonic final states using of proton-proton collision data at with the …
M Aaboud, G Aad, B Abbott, O Abdinov, B Abeloos, DK Abhayasinghe, ...
Physical Review D 98 (5), 052008, 2018
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