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A long-term survey unveils strong seasonal patterns in the airborne microbiome coupled to general and regional atmospheric circulations
J Cáliz, X Triadó-Margarit, L Camarero, EO Casamayor
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (48), 12229-12234, 2018
Development of batch-culture enrichment coupled to molecular detection for screening of natural and man-made environments in search of anammox bacteria for N-removal …
A Sànchez-Melsió, J Cáliz, MD Balaguer, J Colprim, X Vila
Chemosphere 75 (2), 169-179, 2009
The microbiota of an unpolluted calcareous soil faces up chlorophenols: Evidences of resistant strains with potential for bioremediation
J Caliz, X Vila, E Martí, J Sierra, J Nordgren, PE Lindgren, L Bañeras, ...
Chemosphere 83 (2), 104-116, 2011
Environmental controls and composition of anoxygenic photoheterotrophs in ultraoligotrophic high‐altitude lakes (C entral P yrenees)
J Caliz, EO Casamayor
Environmental microbiology reports 6 (2), 145-151, 2014
The exposition of a calcareous Mediterranean soil to toxic concentrations of Cr, Cd and Pb produces changes in the microbiota mainly related to differential metal bioavailability
J Caliz, G Montserrat, E Martí, J Sierra, R Cruañas, MA Garau, ...
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Influence of edaphic, climatic, and agronomic factors on the composition and abundance of nitrifying microorganisms in the rhizosphere of commercial olive crops
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Showcasing the role of seawater in bacteria recruitment and microbiome stability in sponges
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Emerging resistant microbiota from an acidic soil exposed to toxicity of Cr, Cd and Pb is mainly influenced by the bioavailability of these metals
J Cáliz, G Montserrat, E Martí, J Sierra, AP Chung, PV Morais, X Vila
Journal of Soils and Sediments 13 (2), 413-428, 2013
The DNRA-denitrification dichotomy differentiates nitrogen transformation pathways in mountain lake benthic habitats
C Palacin-Lizarbe, L Camarero, S Hallin, CM Jones, J Cáliz, ...
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Air-drying, cooling and freezing for soil sample storage affects the activity and the microbial communities from two Mediterranean soils
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Impact of chlorophenols on microbiota of an unpolluted acidic soil: microbial resistance and biodegradation
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FEMS microbiology ecology 78 (1), 150-164, 2011
High similarity in bacterial bioaerosol compositions between the free troposphere and atmospheric depositions collected at high-elevation mountains
X Triadó-Margarit, J Caliz, I Reche, EO Casamayor
Atmospheric Environment 203, 79-86, 2019
Regional community assembly drivers and microbial environmental sources shaping bacterioplankton in an alpine lacustrine district (Pyrenees, Spain)
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Sponges and their microbiomes show similar community metrics across impacted and well-preserved reefs
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Partitioning between atmospheric deposition and canopy microbial nitrification into throughfall nitrate fluxes in a Mediterranean forest
R Guerrieri, L Lecha, S Mattana, J Cáliz, EO Casamayor, A Barceló, ...
Journal of Ecology, 2019
Nitrification in tree canopies of European forests: evidence from oxygen isotopes in nitrate and microbial analyses in rainfall and throughfall water.
R Guerrieri, A Barceló, S Mattana, J Calíz, E Casamayor, D Elustondo, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, EGU21-12351, 2021
Leaf microbes and nitrification in the canopies of European forests: evidence from stable isotopes, meta-barcoding and qPCR
R Guerrieri, A Barceló, S Mattana, J Calíz, D Elustondo, S Hellstein, ...
Seguimiento a largo plazo de comunidades microbianas en lagos de alta montaña y de la dispersión remota mediante aerosoles atmosféricos en el contexto del cambio global
EO Casamayor, J Caliz, L Camarero, R Ortiz-Álvarez, X Triadó-Margarit
Organismo Autónomo de Parques Nacionales (OAPN), 2019
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