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New insights into the structural elements involved in the skin haemorrhage induced by snake venom metalloproteinases
AK Oliveira, AFP Leme, AF Asega, ACM Camargo, JW Fox, SMT Serrano
Thrombosis and haemostasis 104 (09), 485-497, 2010
Prognostic biomarkers in oral squamous cell carcinoma: a systematic review
C Rivera, AK Oliveira, RAP Costa, T De Rossi, AFP Leme
Oral oncology 72, 38-47, 2017
Hemorrhagic activity of HF3, a snake venom metalloproteinase: insights from the proteomic analysis of mouse skin and blood plasma
AF Paes Leme, NE Sherman, DM Smalley, LO Sizukusa, AK Oliveira, ...
Journal of proteome research 11 (1), 279-291, 2012
High resolution analysis of snake venom metalloproteinase (SVMP) peptide bond cleavage specificity using proteome based peptide libraries and mass spectrometry
AFP Leme, T Escalante, JGC Pereira, AK Oliveira, EF Sanchez, ...
Journal of proteomics 74 (4), 401-410, 2011
Simplified procedures for the isolation of HF3, bothropasin, disintegrin-like/cysteine-rich protein and a novel PI metalloproteinase from Bothrops jararaca venom
AK Oliveira, AFP Leme, MT Assakura, MC Menezes, A Zelanis, ...
Toxicon 53 (7-8), 797-801, 2009
Snake venom serine proteinases specificity mapping by proteomic identification of cleavage sites
A Zelanis, PF Huesgen, AK Oliveira, AK Tashima, SMT Serrano, ...
Journal of proteomics 113, 260-267, 2015
Interaction of Bothrops jararaca venom metalloproteinases with protein inhibitors
AF Asega, AK Oliveira, MC Menezes, AGC Neves-Ferreira, SMT Serrano
Toxicon 80, 1-8, 2014
Disintegrin-like/cysteine-rich domains of the reprolysin HF3: Site-directed mutagenesis reveals essential role of specific residues
MC Menezes, AK de Oliveira, RL Melo, M Lopes-Ferreira, V Rioli, A Balan, ...
Biochimie 93 (2), 345-351, 2011
Insights into the local pathogenesis induced by fish toxins: Role of natterins and nattectin in the disruption of cell–cell and cell–extracellular matrix interactions and …
EN Komegae, AD Ramos, AK Oliveira, SM de Toledo Serrano, ...
Toxicon 58 (6-7), 509-517, 2011
The proteinase-rich proteome of Bothrops jararaca venom
SMT Serrano, AK Oliveira, MC Menezes, A Zelanis
Toxin Reviews 33 (4), 169-184, 2014
Proteoforms of the platelet-aggregating enzyme PA-BJ, a serine proteinase from Bothrops jararaca venom
ET Yamashiro, AK Oliveira, ES Kitano, MC Menezes, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1844 (12), 2068-2076, 2014
Neuropeptide Y Family-Degrading Metallopeptidases in the Tityus serrulatus Venom Partially Blocked by Commercial Antivenoms
D Cajado Carvalho, AK Kuniyoshi, RT Kodama, AK Oliveira, SMT Serrano, ...
Toxicological Sciences 142 (2), 418-426, 2014
Phosphosite-specific regulation of the oxidative-stress response of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis: a shotgun phosphoproteomic analysis
AFA Chaves, DG Castilho, MV Navarro, AK Oliveira, SMT Serrano, ...
Microbes and infection 19 (1), 34-46, 2017
Leptospira interrogans Secreted Proteases Degrade Extracellular Matrix and Plasma Proteins From the Host
LB da Silva, MC Menezes, ES Kitano, AK Oliveira, AG Abreu, GO Souza, ...
Frontiers in cellular and infection microbiology 8, 92, 2018
Proteome-derived peptide library for the elucidation of the cleavage specificity of HF3, a snake venom metalloproteinase
L Bertholim, A Zelanis, AK Oliveira, SMT Serrano
Amino acids 48 (5), 1331-1335, 2016
Análise dos elementos estruturais de metaloproteinases das classes PI e P-III do veneno de Bothrops jararaca importantes para suas interações com proteínas plasmáticas e da …
AK Oliveira
Universidade de São Paulo, 2009
Deep Profiling of the Cleavage Specificity and Human Substrates of Snake Venom Metalloprotease HF3 by Proteomic Identification of Cleavage Site Specificity (PICS) Using …
A Zelanis, AK Oliveira, A Prudova, PF Huesgen, AK Tashima, ...
Journal of proteome research 18 (9), 3419-3428, 2019
Peptides derived from plasma proteins released by bothropasin, a metalloprotease present in the Bothrops jararaca venom
CCF Silva, MC Menezes, M Palomino, AK Oliveira, LK Iwai, M Faria, ...
Toxicon 137, 65-72, 2017
Caracterização proteômica comparativa da agregação plaquetária induzida pela trombina e pela PA-BJ, uma serinoproteinase do veneno da Bothrops jararaca
AK Oliveira
Universidade de São Paulo, 0
Oral cancer cell-derived extracellular vesicles can modulate an immunosuppressive microenvironment through M2 phenotype polarization
AK Oliveira, TA Patente, RN Ramos, AB Lopes, RR Domingues, ...
Cancer Research 79 (13 Supplement), 2800-2800, 2019
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