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Host microbiota constantly control maturation and function of microglia in the CNS
D Erny, ALH de Angelis, D Jaitin, P Wieghofer, O Staszewski, E David, ...
Nature neuroscience 18 (7), 965, 2015
Salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium exploits inflammation to compete with the intestinal microbiota
B Stecher, R Robbiani, AW Walker, AM Westendorf, M Barthel, M Kremer, ...
PLoS biology 5 (10), e244, 2007
The role of microbiota in infectious disease
B Stecher, WD Hardt
Trends in microbiology 16 (3), 107-114, 2008
Innate and adaptive immunity cooperate flexibly to maintain host-microbiota mutualism
E Slack, S Hapfelmeier, B Stecher, Y Velykoredko, M Stoel, MAE Lawson, ...
Science 325 (5940), 617-620, 2009
Self-destructive cooperation mediated by phenotypic noise
M Ackermann, B Stecher, NE Freed, P Songhet, WD Hardt, M Doebeli
Nature 454 (7207), 987, 2008
Like will to like: abundances of closely related species can predict susceptibility to intestinal colonization by pathogenic and commensal bacteria
B Stecher, S Chaffron, R Käppeli, S Hapfelmeier, S Freedrich, TC Weber, ...
PLoS pathogens 6 (1), e1000711, 2010
Clostridium difficile toxin CDT induces formation of microtubule-based protrusions and increases adherence of bacteria
C Schwan, B Stecher, T Tzivelekidis, M van Ham, M Rohde, WD Hardt, ...
PLoS pathogens 5 (10), e1000626, 2009
Mechanisms controlling pathogen colonization of the gut
B Stecher, WD Hardt
Current opinion in microbiology 14 (1), 82-91, 2011
The Salmonella pathogenicity island (SPI)-2 and SPI-1 type III secretion systems allow Salmonella serovar typhimurium to trigger colitis via MyD88-dependent and MyD88 …
S Hapfelmeier, B Stecher, M Barthel, M Kremer, AJ Müller, ...
The Journal of Immunology 174 (3), 1675-1685, 2005
The intestinal microbiota, a leaky gut, and abnormal immunity in kidney disease
HJ Anders, K Andersen, B Stecher
Kidney international 83 (6), 1010-1016, 2013
The microbiota mediates pathogen clearance from the gut lumen after non-typhoidal Salmonella diarrhea
K Endt, B Stecher, S Chaffron, E Slack, N Tchitchek, A Benecke, ...
PLoS pathogens 6 (9), e1001097, 2010
Gut inflammation can boost horizontal gene transfer between pathogenic and commensal Enterobacteriaceae
B Stecher, R Denzler, L Maier, F Bernet, MJ Sanders, DJ Pickard, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (4), 1269-1274, 2012
Flagella and chemotaxis are required for efficient induction of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium colitis in streptomycin-pretreated mice
B Stecher, S Hapfelmeier, C Müller, M Kremer, T Stallmach, WD Hardt
Infection and immunity 72 (7), 4138-4150, 2004
The outer mucus layer hosts a distinct intestinal microbial niche
H Li, JP Limenitakis, T Fuhrer, MB Geuking, MA Lawson, M Wyss, ...
Nature communications 6, 8292, 2015
Role of the Salmonella pathogenicity island 1 effector proteins SipA, SopB, SopE, and SopE2 in Salmonella enterica subspecies 1 serovar Typhimurium colitis in streptomycin …
S Hapfelmeier, K Ehrbar, B Stecher, M Barthel, M Kremer, WD Hardt
Infection and immunity 72 (2), 795-809, 2004
'Blooming'in the gut: how dysbiosis might contribute to pathogen evolution
B Stecher, L Maier, WD Hardt
Nature Reviews Microbiology 11 (4), 277, 2013
Real-time imaging of type III secretion: Salmonella SipA injection into host cells
MC Schlumberger, AJ Müller, K Ehrbar, B Winnen, I Duss, B Stecher, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (35), 12548-12553, 2005
Salmonella Pathogenicity Island 4 encodes a giant non‐fimbrial adhesin and the cognate type 1 secretion system
RG Gerlach, D Jäckel, B Stecher, C Wagner, A Lupas, WD Hardt, ...
Cellular microbiology 9 (7), 1834-1850, 2007
Microbe sampling by mucosal dendritic cells is a discrete, MyD88-independent stepin ΔinvG S. Typhimurium colitis
S Hapfelmeier, AJ Müller, B Stecher, P Kaiser, M Barthel, K Endt, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 205 (2), 437-450, 2008
Motility allows S. Typhimurium to benefit from the mucosal defence
B Stecher, M Barthel, MC Schlumberger, L Haberli, W Rabsch, M Kremer, ...
Cellular microbiology 10 (5), 1166-1180, 2008
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