Silvia Gutiérrez-Tarriño
Silvia Gutiérrez-Tarriño
Instituto de Tecnología Química UPV-CSIC
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Desarrollo de catalizadores de cobalto polinucleares y multifuncionales para la activación de moléculas pequeñas
S Gutiérrez Tarriño
Universitat Politècnica de València, 2021
Cover Feature: Cobalt Catalysts for Alkene Hydrosilylation Under Aerobic Conditions without Dry Solvents or Additives (Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 45/2018)
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Controlled Formation of Coooh/Co (Iii)-Mof Active Phase for Boosting Electrocatalytic Alkaline Water Oxidation
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Co (Iii)-Mof Active Phase for Boosting Electrocatalytic Alkaline Water Oxidation, 0
Developing and Understanding Leaching-Resistant Cobalt Nanoparticles Via N/P Incorporation for Liquid Phase Hydroformylation
S Gutiérrez-Tarriño, C Galdeano-Ruano, C W Lopes, J Mazarío, ...
S Gutiérrez-Tarriño, JL Olloqui-Sariego, JJ Calvente, P Oña-Burgos
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