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Reactions of 2-furyl, 2-thienyl, and N-methyl-2-pyrrolyl mercurials with [Et3NH][(. mu.-CO)(. mu.-RS) Fe2 (CO) 6] complexes. Synthesis of Fe2 (CO) 6 complexes with bridging …
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Enantiomerically enriched ‘carbanions’:: Studies on the stereochemical course of selective transformations of metal alkyls
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Preparation of some reactions of [Mo2 (η-C5H5) 2 (CO) 4-(μ-Ph2PCH2PPh2)], a useful precursor for new dimolybdenum (II) complexes. Crystal structure of [Mo2 (μ-C5H5) 2 (CO) 4 (μ …
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Angewandte Chemie 113 (13), 2589-2592, 2001
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