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Visualization of oscillatory behaviour of Pt nanoparticles catalysing CO oxidation
SB Vendelbo, CF Elkjær, H Falsig, I Puspitasari, P Dona, L Mele, ...
Nature materials 13 (9), 884-890, 2014
Method for local temperature measurement in a nanoreactor for in situ high-resolution electron microscopy
SB Vendelbo, PJ Kooyman, JF Creemer, B Morana, L Mele, P Dona, ...
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Tailoring the mechanical properties of high‐aspect‐ratio carbon nanotube arrays using amorphous silicon carbide coatings
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An all-in-one nanoreactor for high-resolution microscopy on nanomaterials at high pressures
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Wafer-level assembly and sealing of a MEMS nanoreactor for in situ microscopy
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A silicon carbide MEMS microhotplate for nanomaterial characterization in TEM
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Control of recoil losses in nanomechanical SiN membrane resonators
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Quantum signature of a squeezed mechanical oscillator
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Imaging correlations in heterodyne spectra for quantum displacement sensing
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Small 14 (20), 1800614, 2018
Heat flux sensor for power loss measurements of switching devices
D Iero, FG Della Corte, G Fiorentino, PM Sarro, B Morana
19th International Workshop on Thermal Investigations of ICs and Systems …, 2013
Characterization of LPCVD amorphous silicon carbide (a-SiC) as material for electron transparent windows
B Morana, G Pandraud, JF Creemer, PM Sarro
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Calibrated quantum thermometry in cavity optomechanics
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Effect of droplet shrinking on surface acoustic wave response in microfluidic applications
TH Bui, V Nguyen, S Vollebregt, B Morana, H van Zeijl, TC Duc, PM Sarro
Applied Surface Science 426, 253-261, 2017
A mixing surface acoustic wave device for liquid sensing applications: Design, simulation, and analysis
TH Bui, B Morana, T Scholtes, T Chu Duc, PM Sarro
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (7), 074504, 2016
Optimization of the luminescence emission of Si nanocrystals synthesized from non-stoichiometric Si oxides using a Central Composite Design of the deposition process
B Morana, JCG de Sande, A Rodriguez, J Sangrador, T Rodriguez, ...
Materials Science and Engineering: B 147 (2-3), 195-199, 2008
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