Ferran Palero
Ferran Palero
Institut Cavanilles de Biodiversitat i Biologia Evolutiva (ICBIBE)
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Recombination in viruses: mechanisms, methods of study, and evolutionary consequences
M Pérez-Losada, M Arenas, JC Galán, F Palero, F González-Candelas
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Assessing the contribution of molecular and larval morphological characters in a combined phylogenetic analysis of the superfamily Majoidea
KM Hultgren, G Guerao, FPL Marques, FP Palero, S Koenemann
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M Larousse, C Rancurel, C Syska, F Palero, C Etienne, X Nesme, ...
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E Marco-Herrero, P Abelló, P Drake, JE García-Raso, ...
Morphology of the final stage phyllosoma larva of Scyllarus pygmaeus (Crustacea: Decapoda: Scyllaridae), identified by DNA analysis
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AP Torres, F Palero, A Dos Santos, P Abelló, E Blanco, A Boné, G Guerao
Helgoland Marine Research 68 (3), 379-397, 2014
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