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Luiz Antonio Carlos Bertollo
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Cytotaxonomic considerations on Hoplias lacerdae (Pisces, Erythrinidae).
LAC Bertollo
Brazil. J. Genet. 1, 103-120, 1978
A biodiversity approach in the neotropical Erythrinidae fish, Hoplias malabaricus. Karyotypic survey, geographic distribution of cytotypes and cytotaxonomic considerations
LAC Bertollo, GG Born, JA Dergam, AS Fenocchio, O Moreira-Filho
Chromosome Research 8 (7), 603-613, 2000
An XX/XY sex chromosome system in a fish species, Hoplias malabaricus, with a polymorphic NOR-bearing X chromosome
GG Born, LAC Bertollo
Chromosome Research 8 (2), 111-118, 2000
Chromosome spreading of associated transposable elements and ribosomal DNA in the fish Erythrinus erythrinus. Implications for genome change and karyoevolution in fish
MB Cioffi, C Martins, LAC Bertollo
BMC evolutionary Biology 10 (1), 271, 2010
Nucleolar organizing regions, 18S and 5S rDNA in Astyanax scabripinnis (Pisces, Characidae): populations distribution and functional diversity
DA de Marco Ferro, DM Néo, O Moreira-Filho, LAC Bertollo
Genetica 110 (1), 55, 2000
The X1X2Y sex chromosome system in the fish Hoplias malabaricus. I. G-, C- and chromosome replication banding
LAC Bertollo, MS Fontes, AS Fenocchio, J Cano
Chromosome research 5 (7), 493-499, 1997
Distribution of sex chromosome mechanisms in neotropical fish and description of a ZZ/ZW system in Parodon hilarii (Parodontidae)
O Moreira-Filho, LAC Bertollo, PM Galetti Jr
Caryologia 46 (2-3), 115-125, 1993
Cytogenetic Considerations on the Genus Astyanax (Pisces, Characidae). I. Karyotypic Variability
S Morelli, LAC Bertollo, F Foresti, O Moreira F°, S De Almeida Toledo F°
Caryologia 36 (3), 235-244, 1983
Evidence for a system of supernumerary chromosomes in Prochilodus scrofa Steindachner, 1881 (Pisces, Prochilodontidae)
E Pauls, LAC Bertollo
Caryologia 36 (4), 307-314, 1983
Characterization of eight species of Anostomidae (Cypriniformes) fish on the basis of the nucleolar organizing region
PM Galetti Jr, F Foresti, LAC Bertollo, O Moreira F°
Caryologia 37 (4), 401-406, 1984
Structure and variability of nucleolar organizer regions in Parodontidae fish
O Moreira-Filho, LAC Bertollo, PM Galetti Jr
Canadian Journal of Genetics and Cytology 26 (5), 564-568, 1984
Chromosomal distribution and evolution of repetitive DNAs in fish
MB Cioffi, LAC Bertollo
Repetitive DNA 7, 197-221, 2012
Short term culture from solid tissues of fishes
AS Fenocchio, PC Venere, ACG Cesar, AL Dias, LAC Bertollo
Caryologia 44 (2), 161-166, 1991
Karyotypic diversity and evolution of Loricariidae (Pisces, Siluriformes)
KF Kavalco, R Pazza, LAC Bertollo, O Moreira-Filho
Heredity 94 (2), 180-186, 2005
Multiple sex chromosomes in the genus Hoplias (Pisces: Erythrinidae)
LAC Bertollo, CS Takahashi, O Moreira Filho
Cytologia 48 (1), 1-12, 1983
Satellite DNA and chromosomes in Neotropical fishes: methods, applications and perspectives
MR Vicari, V Nogaroto, RB Noleto, MM Cestari, MB Cioffi, MC Almeida, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 76 (5), 1094-1116, 2010
Chromosomal changes and adaptation of cichlid fishes during evolution
E Feldberg, JIR Porto, LAC Bertollo
Fish adaptations 285, 308, 2003
Evolutionary aspects of the ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system in the Characidae fish, genus Triportheus. A monophyletic state and NOR location on the W chromosome
RF Artoni, LAC Bertollo
Heredity 89 (1), 15-19, 2002
A highly differentiated ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system in a Characidae fish, Triportheus guentheri
LAC Bertollo, ZI Cavallaro
Cytogenetic and genome research 60 (1), 60-63, 1992
Cytogenetics and taxonomy: considerations based on chromosome studies of freshwater fish
LAC Bertollo, O Moreira–Filho, PM Galetti Jr
Journal of Fish Biology 28 (2), 153-159, 1986
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