Rafa Fernandez-Leiro
Rafa Fernandez-Leiro
CNIO - Spanish National Cancer Research Centre | Ramón y Cajal Fellow
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Unravelling biological macromolecules with cryo-electron microscopy
R Fernandez-Leiro, SHW Scheres
Nature 537 (7620), 339, 2016
A pipeline approach to single-particle processing in RELION
R Fernandez-Leiro, SHW Scheres
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Á Pereira-Rodríguez, R Fernández-Leiro, MI González-Siso, ME Cerdán, ...
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Architecture of the mycobacterial type VII secretion system
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Structural mechanism for regulation of the AAA-ATPases RUVBL1-RUVBL2 in the R2TP co-chaperone revealed by cryo-EM
H Muñoz-Hernández, M Pal, CF Rodríguez, R Fernandez-Leiro, ...
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Dual function of Ixr1 in transcriptional regulation and recognition of cisplatin-DNA adducts is caused by differential binding through its two HMG-boxes
A Vizoso-Vázquez, M Lamas-Maceiras, R Fernández-Leiro, A Rico-Díaz, ...
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Generalized displacement of DNA-and RNA-binding factors mediates the toxicity of arginine-rich cell-penetrating peptides
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