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Structure of GaN quantum dots grown under “modified Stranski–Krastanow” conditions on AlN
N Gogneau, D Jalabert, E Monroy, T Shibata, M Tanaka, B Daudin
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V Kumaresan, L Largeau, A Madouri, F Glas, H Zhang, F Oehler, ...
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Interface dipole and band bending in the hybrid heterojunction
H Henck, ZB Aziza, O Zill, D Pierucci, CH Naylor, MG Silly, N Gogneau, ...
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Sharp interface in epitaxial graphene layers on 3 C-SiC (100)/Si (100) wafers
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From single III-nitride nanowires to piezoelectric generators: New route for powering nomad electronics
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Development of ion sources from ionic liquids for microfabrication
C Perez-Martinez, S Guilet, N Gogneau, P Jegou, J Gierak, P Lozano
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2010
Effects of stacking on the structural and optical properties of self-organized GaN/AlN quantum dots
N Gogneau, F Fossard, E Monroy, S Monnoye, H Mank, B Daudin
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Comparison of the structural quality in Ga-face and N-face polarity GaN/AlN multiple-quantum-well structures
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In incorporation during the growth of quaternary III-nitride compounds by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy
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Sub-meV photoluminescence linewidth and electron mobility in quantum wells grown by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy on slightly …
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Time-resolved characterization of quantum dots emitting in the -band telecommunication window
R Hostein, A Michon, G Beaudoin, N Gogneau, G Patriache, JY Marzin, ...
Applied physics letters 93 (7), 073106, 2008
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