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LysM, a widely distributed protein motif for binding to (peptido) glycans
G Buist, A Steen, J Kok, OP Kuipers
Molecular microbiology 68 (4), 838-847, 2008
Complete Genome Sequence of the Prototype Lactic Acid Bacterium Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris MG1363
U Wegmann, M O'Connell-Motherway, A Zomer, G Buist, C Shearman, ...
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A system to generate chromosomal mutations in Lactococcus lactis which allows fast analysis of targeted genes
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Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in Europe: a survey among national experts from 39 countries, February 2013
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Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of the gene encoding the major peptidoglycan hydrolase of Lactococcus lactis, a muramidase needed for cell separation
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Cell wall attachment of a widely distributed peptidoglycan binding domain is hindered by cell wall constituents
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Guidelines for Reporting Novel mecA Gene Homologues
T Ito, K Hiramatsu, A Tomasz, H De Lencastre, V Perreten, MTG Holden, ...
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Profiling the surfacome of Staphylococcus aureus
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Subcellular sites for bacterial protein export
N Campo, H Tjalsma, G Buist, D Stepniak, M Meijer, M Veenhuis, ...
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AcmA of Lactococcus lactis is an N‐acetylglucosaminidase with an optimal number of LysM domains for proper functioning
A Steen, G Buist, GJ Horsburgh, G Venema, OP Kuipers, SJ Foster, J Kok
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Nursing‐care dependency: development of an assessment scale for demented and mentally handicapped patients
A Dijkstra, G Buist, T Dassen
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Mucosal vaccine delivery of antigens tightly bound to an adjuvant particle made from food-grade bacteria
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Autolysis of Lactococcus lactis Is Increased upon d-Alanine Depletion of Peptidoglycan and Lipoteichoic Acids
A Steen, E Palumbo, M Deghorain, PS Cocconcelli, J Delcour, ...
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SpxB regulates O-acetylation-dependent resistance of Lactococcus lactis peptidoglycan to hydrolysis
P Veiga, C Bulbarela-Sampieri, S Furlan, A Maisons, MP Chapot-Chartier, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 282 (27), 19342-19354, 2007
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