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The exposure of green turtles (Chelonia mydas) to tumour promoting compounds produced by the cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula and their potential role in the aetiology of …
K Arthur, C Limpus, G Balazs, A Capper, J Udy, G Shaw, ...
Harmful Algae 7 (1), 114-125, 2008
High abundance of the potentially maitotoxic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus carpenteri in temperate waters of New South Wales, Australia
GS Kohli, SA Murray, BA Neilan, LL Rhodes, DT Harwood, KF Smith, ...
Harmful Algae 39, 134-145, 2014
The fate of Lyngbya majuscula toxins in three potential consumers
A Capper, IR Tibbetts, JM O’Neil, GR Shaw
Journal of Chemical Ecology 31 (7), 1595-1606, 2005
Dietary exposure to harmful algal bloom (HAB) toxins in the endangered manatee (Trichechus manatus latirostris) and green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) in Florida, USA
A Capper, LJ Flewelling, K Arthur
Harmful Algae 28, 1-9, 2013
Microplastic accumulation in a Zostera marina L. bed at Deerness Sound, Orkney, Scotland
KL Jones, MGJ Hartl, MC Bell, A Capper
Marine Pollution Bulletin 152, 110883, 2020
Chemical deterrence of a marine cyanobacterium against sympatric and non-sympatric consumers
A Capper, E Cruz-Rivera, VJ Paul, IR Tibbetts
Hydrobiologia 553 (1), 319-326, 2006
Feeding preference and deterrence in rabbitfish Siganus fuscescens for the cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula in Moreton Bay, south‐east Queensland, Australia
A Capper, IR Tibbetts, JM O'Neil, GR Shaw
Journal of fish biology 68 (5), 1589-1609, 2006
Grazer interactions with four species of Lyngbya in southeast Florida
A Capper, VJ Paul
Harmful Algae 7 (6), 717-728, 2008
Palatability and chemical defences of benthic cyanobacteria to a suite of herbivores
A Capper, AA Erickson, R Ritson-Williams, MA Becerro, KA Arthur, ...
Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 474, 100-108, 2016
Dietary selectivity for the toxic cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula and resultant growth rates in two species of opisthobranch mollusc
A Capper, IR Tibbetts, JM O'Neil, GR Shaw
Journal of experimental marine biology and ecology 331 (2), 133-144, 2006
An updated ciguatoxin extraction method and silica cleanup for use with HPLC-MS/MS for the analysis of P-CTX-1, PCTX-2 and P-CTX-3
L Meyer, S Carter, A Capper
Toxicon 108, 249-256, 2015
Ocean surface warming: Impact on toxic benthic dinoflagellates causing ciguatera
K Heimann, A Capper, L Sparrow
eLS, 2011
An investigation into ciguatoxin bioaccumulation in sharks
L Meyer, A Capper, S Carter, C Simpfendorfer
Toxicon 119, 234-243, 2016
Can sponge morphologies act as environmental proxies to biophysical factors in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia?
AM George, J Brodie, J Daniell, A Capper, M Jonker
Ecological Indicators 93, 1152-1162, 2018
Ecology-and bioassay-guided drug discovery for treatments of tropical parasitic disease: 5α, 8α-epidioxycholest-6-en-3β-ol isolated from the mollusk Dolabrifera dolabrifera …
KE Clark, A Capper, GD Togna, VJ Paul, LI Romero, T Johns, ...
Natural Product Communications 8 (11), 1934578X1300801109, 2013
Analysis of international, European and Scot's law governing marine litter and integration of policy within regional marine plans
H Sheridan, K Johnson, A Capper
Ocean & Coastal Management 187, 105119, 2020
The missing sink-quantification, categorisation and sourcing of beached macro-debris in the Scottish Orkney Islands
J Buckingham, A Capper, M Bell
Marine Pollution Bulletin 157, 111364, 2020
Ecotoxicology of the cyanobacterium Lyngbya majuscula and five herbivores in Moreton Bay, South East Queensland, Australia
A Capper
Impact of toxic cyanobacterial blooms (Lyngbya spp.) on coral reef habitats off southeastern Florida and the Florida Keys.
V Paul, K Arthur, A Capper, C Ross, K Banks, E Bartels, M Clementz, ...
Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, FL., 2008
Microplastic Monitoring in the Orkney Islands, Scotland
A Capper, C Tait, R Layfield-Caroll, M Bell, MGJ Hartl, TB Henry
MICRO 2018. Fate and Impact of Microplastics: Knowledge, Actions and …, 2018
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