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Vaidas Palinauskas
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A comparative analysis of microscopy and PCR-based detection methods for blood parasites
G Valkiūnas, TA Iezhova, A Križanauskienė, V Palinauskas, RNM Sehgal, ...
Journal of Parasitology 94 (6), 1395-1401, 2008
Diptera vectors of avian Haemosporidian parasites: untangling parasite life cycles and their taxonomy
D Santiago‐Alarcon, V Palinauskas, HM Schaefer
Biological reviews 87 (4), 928-964, 2012
Chronic malaria infections increase family inequalities and reduce parental fitness: experimental evidence from a wild bird population
SCL Knowles, V Palinauskas, BC Sheldon
Journal of evolutionary biology 23 (3), 557-569, 2010
Plasmodium relictum (lineage P-SGS1): effects on experimentally infected passerine birds
V Palinauskas, G Valkiūnas, CV Bolshakov, S Bensch
Experimental parasitology 120 (4), 372-380, 2008
Diversity, loss, and gain of malaria parasites in a globally invasive bird
A Marzal, RE Ricklefs, G Valkiūnas, T Albayrak, E Arriero, C Bonneaud, ...
PloS one 6 (7), e21905, 2011
Plasmodium relictum (lineage SGS1) and Plasmodium ashfordi (lineage GRW2): the effects of the co-infection on experimentally infected passerine birds
V Palinauskas, G Valkiūnas, CV Bolshakov, S Bensch
Experimental Parasitology 127 (2), 527-533, 2011
Comparison of mitochondrial cytochrome b lineages and morphospecies of two avian malaria parasites of the subgenera Haemamoeba and Giovannolaia (Haemosporida: Plasmodiidae)
V Palinauskas, V Kosarev, A Shapoval, S Bensch, G VALKINAS
Zootaxa 1626 (1), 39–50-39–50, 2007
Molecular characterization of five widespread avian haemosporidian parasites (Haemosporida), with perspectives on the PCR-based detection of haemosporidians in wildlife
G Valkiūnas, V Palinauskas, M Ilgūnas, D Bukauskaitė, D Dimitrov, ...
Parasitology research 113 (6), 2251-2263, 2014
Avian haemosporidian parasites (Haemosporida): a comparative analysis of different polymerase chain reaction assays in detection of mixed infections
R Bernotienė, V Palinauskas, T Iezhova, D Murauskaitė, G Valkiūnas
Experimental parasitology 163, 31-37, 2016
Abortive long-lasting sporogony of two Haemoproteus species (Haemosporida, Haemoproteidae) in the mosquito Ochlerotatus cantans, with perspectives on haemosporidian vector research
G Valkiūnas, R Kazlauskienė, R Bernotienė, V Palinauskas, TA Iezhova
Parasitology Research 112 (6), 2159-2169, 2013
Plasmodium spp.: an experimental study on vertebrate host susceptibility to avian malaria
D Dimitrov, V Palinauskas, TA Iezhova, R Bernotienė, M Ilgūnas, ...
Experimental Parasitology 148, 1-16, 2015
Description of the first cryptic avian malaria parasite, Plasmodium homocircumflexum n. sp., with experimental data on its virulence and development in avian hosts and mosquitoes
V Palinauskas, R Žiegytė, M Ilgūnas, TA Iezhova, R Bernotienė, ...
International Journal for Parasitology 45 (1), 51-62, 2015
A new morphologically distinct avian malaria parasite that fails detection by established polymerase chain reaction–based protocols for amplification of the cytochrome b gene
P Zehtindjiev, A Križanauskienė, S Bensch, V Palinauskas, M Asghar, ...
Journal of Parasitology 98 (3), 657-665, 2012
Individual Oocysts of Isospora (Apicomplexa: Coccidia) Parasites From Avian Feces: From Photo to Sequence
OV Dolnik, V Palinauskas, S Bensch
Journal of Parasitology 95 (1), 169-174, 2009
Global phylogeography of the avian malaria pathogen Plasmodium relictum based on MSP1 allelic diversity
O Hellgren, CT Atkinson, S Bensch, T Albayrak, D Dimitrov, JG Ewen, ...
Ecography 38 (8), 842-850, 2015
The avian transcriptome response to malaria infection
E Videvall, CK Cornwallis, V Palinauskas, G Valkiūnas, O Hellgren
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (5), 1255-1267, 2015
Plasmodium relictum (lineage P-SGS1): further observation of effects on experimentally infected passeriform birds, with remarks on treatment with Malarone™
V Palinauskas, G Valkiūnas, A Križanauskienė, S Bensch, CV Bolshakov
Experimental Parasitology 123 (2), 134-139, 2009
Mortality and pathology in birds due to Plasmodium (Giovannolaia) homocircumflexum infection, with emphasis on the exoerythrocytic development of avian malaria parasites
M Ilgūnas, D Bukauskaitė, V Palinauskas, TA Iezhova, N Dinhopl, ...
Malaria Journal 15 (1), 1-11, 2016
Parallel telomere shortening in multiple body tissues owing to malaria infection
M Asghar, V Palinauskas, N Zaghdoudi-Allan, G Valkiūnas, A Mukhin, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 283 (1836), 20161184, 2016
Multiple cryptic species of sympatric generalists within the avian blood parasite Haemoproteus majoris
E Nilsson, H Taubert, O Hellgren, X Huang, V Palinauskas, MY Markovets, ...
Journal of evolutionary biology 29 (9), 1812-1826, 2016
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