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Fernando A Gonzales
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Characterization of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Nop17p, a novel Nop58p-interacting protein that is involved in Pre-rRNA processing
FA Gonzales, NIT Zanchin, JS Luz, CC Oliveira
Journal of molecular biology 346 (2), 437-455, 2005
Nop53p, an essential nucleolar protein that interacts with Nop17p and Nip7p, is required for pre‐rRNA processing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
DC Granato, FA Gonzales, JS Luz, F Cassiola, GM Machado‐Santelli, ...
The FEBS journal 272 (17), 4450-4463, 2005
A mutation in human VAP-B–MSP domain, present in ALS patients, affects the interaction with other cellular proteins
M Mitne-Neto, CRR Ramos, DC Pimenta, JS Luz, AL Nishimura, ...
Protein expression and purification 55 (1), 139-146, 2007
Temperature‐sensitive mutants of the exosome subunit Rrp43p show a deficiency in mRNA degradation and no longer interact with the exosome
CC Oliveira, FA Gonzales, NIT Zanchin
Nucleic acids research 30 (19), 4186-4198, 2002
Structure and functional studies of the CS domain of the essential H/ACA ribonucleoparticle assembly protein SHQ1
M Singh, FA Gonzales, D Cascio, N Heckmann, G Chanfreau, J Feigon
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (3), 1906-1916, 2009
Analysis of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae exosome architecture and of the RNA binding activity of Rrp40p
JS Luz, JR Tavares, FA Gonzales, MCT Santos, CC Oliveira
Biochimie 89 (5), 686-691, 2007
Nop17 is a key R2TP factor for the assembly and maturation of box C/D snoRNP complex
MB Prieto, RC Georg, FA Gonzales-Zubiate, JS Luz, CC Oliveira
BMC molecular biology 16 (1), 7, 2015
Inhibition of cyclin-dependent kinase CDK1 by oxindolimine ligands and corresponding copper and zinc complexes
RB Miguel, PAD Petersen, FA Gonzales-Zubiate, CC Oliveira, N Kumar, ...
JBIC Journal of Biological Inorganic Chemistry 20 (7), 1205-1217, 2015
Mutational analysis of the yeast RNA helicase Sub2p reveals conserved domains required for growth, mRNA export, and genomic stability
C Saguez, FA Gonzales, M Schmid, A Bøggild, CM Latrick, F Malagon, ...
Rna 19 (10), 1363-1371, 2013
RNA polymerase I stability couples cellular growth to metal availability
YJ Lee, CY Lee, A Grzechnik, F Gonzales-Zubiate, AA Vashisht, A Lee, ...
Molecular cell 51 (1), 105-115, 2013
Identification of karyopherins involved in the nuclear import of RNA exosome subunit Rrp6 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
FA Gonzales-Zubiate, EK Okuda, JPC Da Cunha, CC Oliveira
Journal of Biological Chemistry 292 (29), 12267-12284, 2017
MPO Jacome, FA Gonzales-Zubiate
Brasil Para Todos-Revista Internacional 7 (1), 10-14, 2019
Analysis of Genomic Organization, Distribution and Promoter Architecture of Histone Genes in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
MJ Aldaz Villao
Universidad de Investigación de Tecnología Experimental Yachay, 2019
Study of the cellular transport mechanism of the exosome’s subunits in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
EK Okuda, FAG Zubiate, CC Oliveira
Abstracts, 2018
Identification of the karyopherins responsible for the nuclear transport of the exosome subunit Rrp44 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
EK Okuda, FA Gonzales, CC Oliveira
Abstracts, 2017
CC Oliveira, FA Gonzales-Zubiate
Introdução ao universo dos non-coding RNAs, 2017
Proteomic Analysis of Yeast RNA Exosome Complexes Purified with Rrp43 or Rrp6
FA Gonzales-Zubiate, RF Lourenço, CC Oliveira
Tenth EMBO Conference on Ribosome Synthesis 2015, 2015
Identificação de mutantes da subunidade do exossomo Rrp43
CC Oliveira, FAG Zubiate, BF Rech
Resumos, 2014
RRP43 temperature sensitive mutants affect exosome assembly and the interaction between the complex and other cellular proteins
RF Lourenço, FA Gonzales, CC Oliveira
Nineteenth Annual Meeting of the RNA Society: RNA 2014, 2014
Identification of proteins co-purifying with the yeast RNA exosome and their effect on the complex stabilization
RF Lourenço, FA Gonzales, CC Oliveira
Eighteenth Annual Meeting of the RNA Society: RNA 2013, 2013
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