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Sabrina Campagna Zignani
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Evaluation of the stability and durability of Pt and Pt–Co/C catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
SC Zignani, E Antolini, ER Gonzalez
Journal of Power Sources 182 (1), 83-90, 2008
Palladium-based electrodes: A way to reduce platinum content in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
E Antolini, SC Zignani, SF Santos, ER Gonzalez
Electrochimica Acta 56 (5), 2299-2305, 2011
Stability of Pt–Ni/C (1: 1) and Pt/C electrocatalysts as cathode materials for polymer electrolyte fuel cells: Effect of ageing tests
SC Zignani, E Antolini, ER Gonzalez
Journal of Power Sources 191 (2), 344-350, 2009
Performance and selectivity of PtxSn/C electro-catalysts for ethanol oxidation prepared by reduction with different formic acid concentrations
SC Zignani, V Baglio, JJ Linares, G Monforte, ER Gonzalez, AS Aricò
Electrochimica Acta 70, 255-265, 2012
Different anode catalyst for high temperature polybenzimidazole-based direct ethanol fuel cells
JJ Linares, TA Rocha, S Zignani, VA Paganin, ER Gonzalez
International journal of hydrogen energy 38 (1), 620-630, 2013
Endurance study of a solid polymer electrolyte direct ethanol fuel cell based on a Pt–Sn anode catalyst
SC Zignani, V Baglio, JJ Linares, G Monforte, ER Gonzalez, AS Aricò
International journal of hydrogen energy 38 (26), 11576-11582, 2013
Investigation of PtNi/C as methanol tolerant electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction
SC Zignani, V Baglio, D Sebastian, TA Rocha, ER Gonzalez, AS Aricò
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 763, 10-17, 2016
Enhancing ethanol oxidation rate at PtRu electro-catalysts using metal-oxide additives
SC Zignani, V Baglio, D Sebastián, S Siracusano, AS Aricò
Electrochimica Acta 191, 183-191, 2016
Investigation of Ni-based alloy/CGO electro-catalysts as protective layer for a solid oxide fuel cell anode fed with ethanol
ML Faro, RM Reis, GGA Saglietti, SC Zignani, S Trocino, P Frontera, ...
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 45 (7), 647-656, 2015
Investigation of a Pt3Sn/C electro-catalyst in a direct ethanol fuel cell operating at low temperatures for portable applications
SC Zignani, ER Gonzalez, V Baglio, S Siracusano, AS Aricò
Int J Electrochem Sci 7, 3155, 2012
Solid oxide fuel cells fed with dry ethanol: The effect of a perovskite protective anodic layer containing dispersed Ni-alloy@ FeOx core-shell nanoparticles
ML Faro, RM Reis, GGA Saglietti, VL Oliveira, SC Zignani, S Trocino, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 220, 98-110, 2018
Thermoelectric characterization of an intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell system directly fed by dry biogas
G De Lorenzo, O Corigliano, ML Faro, P Frontera, P Antonucci, ...
Energy conversion and management 127, 90-102, 2016
Nickel–copper/gadolinium‐doped ceria (CGO) composite electrocatalyst as a protective layer for a solid‐oxide fuel cell anode fed with ethanol
M Lo Faro, RM Reis, GGA Saglietti, AG Sato, EA Ticianelli, SC Zignani, ...
ChemElectroChem 1 (8), 1395-1402, 2014
Towards highly performing and stable ptni catalysts in polymer electrolyte fuel cells for automotive application
SC Zignani, V Baglio, D Sebastián, A Saccà, I Gatto, AS Aricò
Materials 10 (3), 317, 2017
Ethanol oxidation on a high temperature PBI-based DEFC using Pt/C, PtRu/C and Pt3Sn/C as catalysts
JJ Linares, SC Zignani, TA Rocha, ER Gonzalez
Journal of Applied Electrochemistry 43 (2), 147-158, 2013
On the promotional effect of Cu on Pt for hydrazine electrooxidation in alkaline medium
R Crisafulli, VVS de Barros, FER de Oliveira, T de Araújo Rocha, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 236, 36-44, 2018
Composite anode electrocatalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
V Baglio, SC Zignani, S Siracusano, A Stassi, C D’Urso, AS Aricò
Electrocatalysis 4 (4), 235-240, 2013
New insights on the co-electrolysis of CO2 and H2O through a solid oxide electrolyser operating at intermediate temperatures
ML Faro, SC Zignani, S Trocino, V Antonucci, AS Aricò
Electrochimica Acta 296, 458-464, 2019
Study of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell fed with n-dodecane reformate. Part I: Endurance test
ML Faro, S Trocino, SC Zignani, AS Aricò, G Maggio, C Italiano, ...
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 41 (13), 5741-5747, 2016
Durability of a PtSn ethanol oxidation electrocatalyst
SC Zignani, V Baglio, ER Gonzalez, AS Aricò
ChemElectroChem 1 (8), 1403-1406, 2014
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