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The role of quantum information in thermodynamics—a topical review
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Resource theories of knowledge
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Relative thermalization
L del Rio, A Hutter, R Renner, S Wehner
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Operational locality in global theories
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C Sparaciari, L Del Rio, CM Scandolo, P Faist, J Oppenheim
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Currencies in resource theories
L Kraemer, L del Rio
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Composable security in relativistic quantum cryptography
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Contextuality without access to a tomographically complete set
MF Pusey, L Del Rio, B Meyer
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Thermodynamic Computing
T Conte, E DeBenedictis, N Ganesh, T Hylton, S Still, JP Strachan, ...
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Multi-agent paradoxes beyond quantum theory
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RG Dias, L del Rio, AV Goltsev
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Critical hybridization for the Kondo resonance in gapless systems
RG Dias, L del Rio, AV Goltsev
arXiv preprint arXiv:0910.3557, 2009
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