Lukas C. Kapitein
Lukas C. Kapitein
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The bipolar mitotic kinesin Eg5 moves on both microtubules that it crosslinks
LC Kapitein, EJG Peterman, BH Kwok, JH Kim, TM Kapoor, CF Schmidt
Nature 435 (7038), 114-118, 2005
Dynamic microtubules regulate dendritic spine morphology and synaptic plasticity
J Jaworski, LC Kapitein, SM Gouveia, BR Dortland, PS Wulf, I Grigoriev, ...
Neuron 61 (1), 85-100, 2009
Microtubule stabilization reduces scarring and causes axon regeneration after spinal cord injury
F Hellal, A Hurtado, J Ruschel, KC Flynn, CJ Laskowski, M Umlauf, ...
Science 331 (6019), 928-931, 2011
Building the neuronal microtubule cytoskeleton
LC Kapitein, CC Hoogenraad
Neuron 87 (3), 492-506, 2015
TRAK/Milton motor-adaptor proteins steer mitochondrial trafficking to axons and dendrites
M van Spronsen, M Mikhaylova, J Lipka, MA Schlager, ...
Neuron 77 (3), 485-502, 2013
Mixed microtubules steer dynein-driven cargo transport into dendrites
LC Kapitein, MA Schlager, M Kuijpers, PS Wulf, M van Spronsen, ...
Current biology 20 (4), 290-299, 2010
Which way to go? Cytoskeletal organization and polarized transport in neurons
LC Kapitein, CC Hoogenraad
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 46 (1), 9-20, 2011
Axon extension occurs independently of centrosomal microtubule nucleation
M Stiess, N Maghelli, LC Kapitein, S Gomis-Rüth, M Wilsch-Bräuninger, ...
Science 327 (5966), 704-707, 2010
Optogenetic control of organelle transport and positioning
P Van Bergeijk, M Adrian, CC Hoogenraad, LC Kapitein
Nature 518 (7537), 111-114, 2015
Combining optical trapping and single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy: enhanced photobleaching of fluorophores
MA van Dijk, LC Kapitein, J van Mameren, CF Schmidt, EJG Peterman
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 108 (20), 6479-6484, 2004
Microtubule minus-end binding protein CAMSAP2 controls axon specification and dendrite development
KW Yau, SFB van Beuningen, I Cunha-Ferreira, BMC Cloin, ...
Neuron 82 (5), 1058-1073, 2014
Allosteric inhibition of kinesin-5 modulates its processive directional motility
BH Kwok, LC Kapitein, JH Kim, EJG Peterman, CF Schmidt, TM Kapoor
Nature chemical biology 2 (9), 480-485, 2006
Microtubule cross-linking triggers the directional motility of kinesin-5
LC Kapitein, BH Kwok, JS Weinger, CF Schmidt, TM Kapoor, ...
The Journal of cell biology 182 (3), 421-428, 2008
In vitro reconstitution of the functional interplay between MCAK and EB3 at microtubule plus ends
SM Gouveia, K Leslie, LC Kapitein, RM Buey, I Grigoriev, M Wagenbach, ...
Current Biology 20 (19), 1717-1722, 2010
Probing intracellular motor protein activity using an inducible cargo trafficking assay
LC Kapitein, MA Schlager, WA Van der Zwan, PS Wulf, N Keijzer, ...
Biophysical journal 99 (7), 2143-2152, 2010
Pericentrosomal targeting of Rab6 secretory vesicles by Bicaudal‐D‐related protein 1 (BICDR‐1) regulates neuritogenesis
MA Schlager, LC Kapitein, I Grigoriev, GM Burzynski, PS Wulf, N Keijzer, ...
The EMBO journal 29 (10), 1637-1651, 2010
Resolving bundled microtubules using anti-tubulin nanobodies
M Mikhaylova, BMC Cloin, K Finan, R Van Den Berg, J Teeuw, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-7, 2015
The homotetrameric kinesin-5 KLP61F preferentially crosslinks microtubules into antiparallel orientations
SMJL van den Wildenberg, L Tao, LC Kapitein, CF Schmidt, JM Scholey, ...
Current Biology 18 (23), 1860-1864, 2008
TRIM46 controls neuronal polarity and axon specification by driving the formation of parallel microtubule arrays
SFB van Beuningen, L Will, M Harterink, A Chazeau, EY Van Battum, ...
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Neuron specific Rab4 effector GRASP-1 coordinates membrane specialization and maturation of recycling endosomes
CC Hoogenraad, I Popa, K Futai, E Sanchez-Martinez, PS Wulf, ...
PLoS Biol 8 (1), e1000283, 2010
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