Josep Fortuny
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A unique Middle Miocene European hominoid and the origins of the great ape and human clade
S Moyà-Solà, DM Alba, S Almécija, I Casanovas-Vilar, M Köhler, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (24), 9601-9606, 2009
New insights on the Permian and Triassic vertebrates from the Iberian Peninsula with emphasis on the Pyrenean and Catalonian basins
J Fortuny, A Bolet, AG Sellés, A Cartanya, J Galobart
Journal of Iberian Geology 37 (1), 65-86, 2011
Temnospondyli bite club: ecomorphological patterns of the most diverse group of early tetrapods
J Fortuny, J Marcé‐Nogué, S DE ESTEBAN‐TRIVIGNO, L Gil, À Galobart
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 24 (9), 2040-2054, 2011
Miocene small-bodied ape from Eurasia sheds light on hominoid evolution
DM Alba, S Almécija, D DeMiguel, J Fortuny, MP de los Ríos, M Pina, ...
Science 350 (6260), 2015
Enamel thickness in the Middle Miocene great apes Anoiapithecus, Pierolapithecus and Dryopithecus
DM Alba, J Fortuny, Moya-Sola S.
Proc R Soc B 277, 2237-2245, 2010
3-D modelling of megaloolithid clutches: insights about nest construction and dinosaur behaviour
B Vila, FD Jackson, J Fortuny, AG Sellés, À Galobart
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Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction and early Permian ichnoassemblage from the NE Iberian Peninsula (Pyrenean Basin)
E Mujal, J Fortuny, O Oms, A Bolet, À Galobart, P Anadón
Geological Magazine 153 (4), 578-600, 2016
Constraining the Permian/Triassic transition in continental environments: Stratigraphic and paleontological record from the Catalan Pyrenees (NE Iberian Peninsula)
E Mujal, N Gretter, A Ronchi, J López-Gómez, J Falconnet, JB Diez, ...
Palaeogeography, palaeoclimatology, palaeoecology 445, 18-37, 2016
3D bite modeling and feeding mechanics of the largest living amphibian, the Chinese giant salamander Andrias davidianus (Amphibia: Urodela)
J Fortuny, J Marcé-Nogué, E Heiss, M Sanchez, L Gil, À Galobart
PLoS One 10 (4), e0121885, 2015
Skull mechanics and the evolutionary patterns of the otic notch closure in capitosaurs (Amphibia: Temnospondyli)
J Fortuny, J Marcé‐Nogué, L Gil, À Galobart
The Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary …, 2012
A new capitosaur from the Middle Triassic of Spain and the relationships within the Capitosauria
J Fortuny, À Galobart, C De Santisteban
Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 56 (3), 553-566, 2011
A new species of Allodaposuchus (Eusuchia, Crocodylia) from the Maastrichtian (Late Cretaceous) of Spain: phylogenetic and paleobiological implications
A Blanco, J Fortuny, A Vicente, ÀH Luján, JA García-Marçà, AG Sellés
PeerJ 3, e1171, 2015
Comparative 3D analyses and palaeoecology of giant early amphibians (Temnospondyli: Stereospondyli)
J Fortuny, J Marcé-Nogué, JS Steyer, S de Esteban-Trivigno, E Mujal, ...
Scientific Reports 6, 30387, 2016
Finite element analysis of the cingulata jaw: an ecomorphological approach to armadillo’s diets
S Serrano-Fochs, S De Esteban-Trivigno, J Marcé-Nogué, J Fortuny, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), e0120653, 2015
Improving mesh generation in Finite Element Analysis for functional morphology approaches
J Marcé-Nogué, J Fortuny, L Gil, M Sánchez
Spanish Journal of Palaeontology 30 (1), 117-132, 2015
New remains of Diplocynodon (Crocodylia: Diplocynodontidae) from the early Miocene of the Iberian Peninsula
JLD Aráez, M Delfino, ÀH Luján, J Fortuny, F Bernardini, DM Alba
Comptes Rendus Palevol 16 (1), 12-26, 2017
Paleoneuroanatomy of the European lambeosaurine dinosaur Arenysaurus ardevoli
P Cruzado-Caballero, J Fortuny, S LLácer, JI Canudo
PeerJ 3, e802, 2015
Quasi-homothetic transformation for comparing the mechanical performance of planar models in biological researc h
J Marcé-Nogué, D DeMiguel, J Fortuny, S de Esteban-Trivigno, L Gil
Palaeontologia Electronica, 2013
Quasi-homothetic transformation for comparing the mechanical performance of planar models in biological research
J Marcé-Nogué, D DeMiguel, J Fortuny, S de Esteban-Trivigno, L Gil
Palaeontologia Electronica, 2013
New dental remains of Anoiapithecus and the first appearance datum of hominoids in the Iberian Peninsula
DM Alba, J Fortuny, MP de los Ríos, C Zanolli, S Almécija, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 65 (5), 573-584, 2013
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