Fernando Puente Sánchez
Fernando Puente Sánchez
Juan de la Cierva fellow, Spanish National Centre for Biotechnology
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Viable cyanobacteria in the deep continental subsurface
F Puente-Sánchez, A Arce-Rodríguez, M Oggerin, M García-Villadangos, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (42), 10702-10707, 2018
SqueezeMeta, A Highly Portable, Fully Automatic Metagenomic Analysis Pipeline
J Tamames, F Puente-Sánchez
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A novel conceptual approach to read-filtering in high-throughput amplicon sequencing studies
F Puente-Sánchez, J Aguirre, V Parro
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Mycobiome profiles in breast milk from healthy women depend on mode of delivery, geographic location, and interaction with bacteria
A Boix-Amorós, F Puente-Sánchez, E Du Toit, KM Linderborg, Y Zhang, ...
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M Sánchez-Román, F Puente-Sánchez, V Parro
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Microdiversity ensures the maintenance of functional microbial communities under changing environmental conditions
N García-García, J Tamames, AM Linz, C Pedrós-Alió, F Puente-Sánchez
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Environmental parameters, and not phylogeny, determine the composition of extracellular polymeric substances in microbial mats from extreme environments
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Tessaracoccus lapidicaptus sp. nov., an actinobacterium isolated from the deep subsurface of the Iberian pyrite belt
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Deep subsurface sulfate reduction and methanogenesis in the Iberian Pyrite Belt revealed through geochemistry and molecular biomarkers
F Puente‐Sánchez, M Moreno‐Paz, LA Rivas, P Cruz‐Gil, ...
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Iberian Pyrite Belt Subsurface Life (IPBSL), a drilling project of biohydrometallurgical interest
R Amils, D Fernández-Remolar, V Parro, JA Rodríguez-Manfredi, ...
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Thermoplasmatales and sulfur-oxidizing bacteria dominate the microbial community at the surface water of a CO 2-rich hydrothermal spring located in Tenorio Volcano National …
A Arce-Rodríguez, F Puente-Sánchez, R Avendaño, M Martínez-Cruz, ...
Extremophiles 23 (2), 177-187, 2019
Basis of genetic adaptation to heavy metal stress in the acidophilic green alga Chlamydomonas acidophila
F Puente-Sánchez, S Díaz, V Penacho, A Aguilera, S Olsson
Aquatic Toxicology 200, 62-72, 2018
Horizontal gene transfer of phytochelatin synthases from bacteria to extremophilic green algae
S Olsson, V Penacho, F Puente-Sánchez, S Díaz, JE Gonzalez-Pastor, ...
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Comparative transcriptomic analysis of the response of Dunaliella acidophila (Chlorophyta) to short-term cadmium and chronic natural metal-rich water exposures
F Puente-Sánchez, S Olsson, A Aguilera
Microbial ecology 72 (3), 595-607, 2016
Biomarkers and metabolic patterns in the sediments of evolving glacial lakes as a proxy for planetary lake exploration
V Parro, Y Blanco, F Puente-Sánchez, LA Rivas, M Moreno-Paz, ...
Astrobiology 18 (5), 586-606, 2018
Pristine but metal-rich Río Sucio (Dirty River) is dominated by Gallionella and other iron-sulfur oxidizing microbes
A Arce-Rodríguez, F Puente-Sánchez, R Avendaño, E Libby, L Rojas, ...
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Physiological and phylogenetic diversity of acidophilic eukaryotes
A Aguilera, S Olsson, F Puente-Sánchez
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Critical assessment of analytical techniques in the search for biomarkers on Mars: a mummified microbial mat from Antarctica as a best-case scenario
Y Blanco, I Gallardo-Carreno, M Ruiz-Bermejo, F Puente-Sánchez, ...
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Solar radiation stress in natural acidophilic biofilms of Euglena mutabilis revealed by metatranscriptomics and PAM fluorometry
F Puente-Sánchez, S Olsson, M Gómez-Rodriguez, V Souza-Egipsy, ...
Protist 167 (1), 67-81, 2016
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