Sebastián Bañón
Sebastián Bañón
Universiddad Politécnica de Cartagena
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Effects of water stress and night temperature preconditioning on water relations and morphological and anatomical changes of Lotus creticus plants
S Bañon, JA Fernandez, JA Franco, A Torrecillas, JJ Alarcón, ...
Scientia Horticulturae 101 (3), 333-342, 2004
Selection and nursery production of ornamental plants for landscaping and xerogardening in semi-arid environments
JA Franco, JJ Martínez-Sánchez, JA Fernández, S Bañón
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Growth, development and colour response of potted Dianthus caryophyllus cv. Mondriaan to paclobutrazol treatment
S Bañón, A González, EA Cano, JA Franco, JA Fernández
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Hardening of oleander seedlings by deficit irrigation and low air humidity
S Bañon, J Ochoa, JA Franco, JJ Alarcón, MJ Sánchez-Blanco
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Effects of sodium chloride on water potential components, hydraulic conductivity, gas exchange and leaf ultrastructure of Arbutus unedo plants
A Navarro, S Bañon, E Olmos, MJ Sánchez-Blanco
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Review Article:Root development in horticultural plants grown under abiotic stress conditions – a review
JA Franco, S Bañón, MJ Vicente, J Miralles, JJ Martínez-Sánchez
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Relationship between the effects of salinity on seedling leaf area and fruit yield of six muskmelon cultivars
JA Franco, JA Fernández, S Bañón, A González
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MJ Sánchez-Blanco, S Álvarez, A Navarro, S Bañón
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Effects of irrigation and air humidity preconditioning on water relations, growth and survival of Rosmarinus officinalis plants during and after transplanting
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Osmotic and saline effect on growth, water relations, and ion uptake and translocation in Phlomis purpurea plants
S Álvarez, MJ Gómez-Bellot, M Castillo, S Bañón, MJ Sánchez-Blanco
Environmental and Experimental Botany 78, 138-145, 2012
Effects of diluted and undiluted treated wastewater on the growth, physiological aspects and visual quality of potted lantana and polygala plants
S Bañón, J Miralles, J Ochoa, JA Franco, MJ Sánchez-Blanco
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El pimiento para pimentón
M Zapata
El melon.
Mundi Prensa,, 1989
Influence of paclobutrazol on water consumption and plant performance of Arbutus unedo seedlings
A Navarro, MJ Sanchez-Blanco, S Bañon
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Gerbera, lilium, tulipán y rosa
B Arias
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Paclobutrazol as an aid to reduce some effects of salt stress in oleander seedlings
S Bañón, JA Fernández, J Ochoa, MJ Sánchez-Blanco
European Journal of Horticultural Science 70 (1), 2005
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