Emmanuel Flurin
Emmanuel Flurin
Researcher at Quantronics - CEA Saclay | Scientific advisor at Alice&Bob
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Citada per
Generating entangled microwave radiation over two transmission lines
E Flurin, N Roch, F Mallet, MH Devoret, B Huard
Physical review letters 109 (18), 183901, 2012
Widely tunable, nondegenerate three-wave mixing microwave device operating near the quantum limit
N Roch, E Flurin, F Nguyen, P Morfin, P Campagne-Ibarcq, MH Devoret, ...
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Interconnect-free parallel logic circuits in a single mechanical resonator
I Mahboob, E Flurin, K Nishiguchi, A Fujiwara, H Yamaguchi
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Quantum dynamics of simultaneously measured non-commuting observables.
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VV Ramasesh, E Flurin, M Rudner, I Siddiqi, NY Yao
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Using a recurrent neural network to reconstruct quantum dynamics of a superconducting qubit from physical observations
E Flurin, LS Martin, S Hacohen-Gourgy, I Siddiqi
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The Josephson mixer, a Swiss army knife for microwave quantum optics
E Flurin
Ecole Normale Supérieure, 2014
High-efficiency measurement of an artificial atom embedded in a parametric amplifier
A Eddins, JM Kreikebaum, DM Toyli, EM Levenson-Falk, A Dove, ...
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V Ranjan, S Probst, B Albanese, A Doll, O Jacquot, E Flurin, R Heeres, ...
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P Forni, A Sarlette, T Capelle, E Flurin, S Deléglise, P Rouchon
2018 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC), 6614-6619, 2018
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V Ranjan, J O’Sullivan, E Albertinale, B Albanese, T Chanelière, ...
Physical review letters 125 (21), 210505, 2020
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