Mohammad H Malakooti
Mohammad H Malakooti
Assistant Professor, University of Washington
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EGaIn‐Assisted Room‐Temperature Sintering of Silver Nanoparticles for Stretchable, Inkjet‐Printed, Thin‐Film Electronics
M Tavakoli, MH Malakooti, H Paisana, Y Ohm, D Green Marques, ...
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MH Malakooti, BA Patterson, HS Hwang, HA Sodano
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A Liquid‐Metal–Elastomer Nanocomposite for Stretchable Dielectric Materials
C Pan, EJ Markvicka, MH Malakooti, J Yan, L Hu, K Matyjaszewski, ...
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HS Hwang, MH Malakooti, BA Patterson, HA Sodano
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Solution Processable Liquid Metal Nanodroplets by Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization
J Yan, MH Malakooti, Z Lu, Z Wang, N Kazem, C Pan, MR Bockstaller, ...
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MH Malakooti, HS Hwang, HA Sodano
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J Lin, SH Bang, MH Malakooti, HA Sodano
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MH Malakooti, N Kazem, J Yan, C Pan, EJ Markvicka, K Matyjaszewski, ...
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Z Zhou, CC Bowland, MH Malakooti, H Tang, HA Sodano
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Self-healing polymers and composites for extreme environments
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MH Malakooti, HA Sodano
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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (33), 21446-21453, 2016
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