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Imaging the production of singlet oxygen in vivo using a new fluorescent sensor, Singlet Oxygen Sensor Green®
C Flors, MJ Fryer, J Waring, B Reeder, U Bechtold, PM Mullineaux, ...
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Two-photon absorption in tetraphenylporphycenes: are porphycenes better candidates than porphyrins for providing optimal optical properties for two-photon photodynamic therapy?
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Aromatic ketones as standards for singlet molecular oxygen O2 (1Δg) photosensitization. Time-resolved photoacoustic and near-IR emission studies
C Martí, O Jürgens, O Cuenca, M Casals, S Nonell
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Porphycenes: Facts and prospects in photodynamic therapy of cancer
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Effect of solvent on the radiative decay of singlet molecular oxygen (a1. DELTA. g)
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Photoantimicrobials—are we afraid of the light?
M Wainwright, T Maisch, S Nonell, K Plaetzer, A Almeida, GP Tegos, ...
The Lancet Infectious Diseases 17 (2), e49-e55, 2017
Production of fullerene (C60) radical cation by photosensitized electron transfer
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PF Aramendia, RW Redmond, S Nonell, W Schuster, SE Braslavsky, ...
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The production of singlet molecular oxygen by zinc (II) phthalocyanine in ethanol and in unilamellar vesicles. Chemical quenching and phosphorescence studies
G Valduga1, S Nonell1, E Reddi, G Jori, SE Braslavsky
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Light and singlet oxygen in plant defense against pathogens: phototoxic phenalenone phytoalexins
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Tuning Photoinduced Energy‐and Electron‐Transfer Events in Subphthalocyanine–Phthalocyanine Dyads
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Singlet oxygen photosensitisation by the fluorescent probe Singlet Oxygen Sensor Green®
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Singlet oxygen photosensitization by EGFP and its chromophore HBDI
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[4] Time-resolved singlet oxygen detection
S Nonell, SE Braslavsky
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1H-Phenalen-1-one-2-sulfonic acid: and extremely efficient singlet molecular oxygen sensitizer for aqueous media
S Nonell, M Gonzalez, FR Trull
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Photodynamic inactivation of Acinetobacter baumannii using phenothiazinium dyes: In vitro and in vivo studies
X Ragàs, T Dai, GP Tegos, M Agut, S Nonell, MR Hamblin
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Cationic porphycenes as potential photosensitizers for antimicrobial photodynamic therapy
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Kinetic study of the fast thermal cis-to-trans isomerisation of para-, ortho-and polyhydroxyazobenzenes
J Garcia-Amoros, A Sanchez-Ferrer, WA Massad, S Nonell, D Velasco
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (40), 13238-13242, 2010
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