Jean-Pierre E GROLIER
Jean-Pierre E GROLIER
Professor of Physical Chemistry
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Thermodynamics of organic mixtures. A generalized quasichemical theory in terms of group surface interactions
HV Kehiaian, JPE Grolier, GC Benson
Journal de Chimie Physique 75, 1031-1048, 1978
Excess volumes of mixtures of oxolane, oxane, 1, 3-dioxolane, and 1, 4-dioxane with n-alkanes at 298.15, 308.15, and 318.15 K
A Inglese, JPE Grolier, E Wilhelm
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 28 (1), 124-127, 1983
Thermodynamics of binary mixtures containing cyclic ethers I. Excess enthalpies of oxolane, 1, 3-dioxolane, oxane, 1, 3-dioxane, and 1, 4-dioxane with n-alkanes
A Inglese, E Wilhelm, JPE Grolier, HV Kehiaian
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 12 (3), 217-222, 1980
Experimental measurements of the speed of sound in n-hexane from 293 to 373 K and up to 150 MPa
JL Daridon, B Lagourette, JPE Grolier
International journal of thermophysics 19 (1), 145-160, 1998
Simultaneous measurement of the solubility of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in polystyrene and of the associated polymer swelling
S Hilic, SAE Boyer, AAH Pádua, JPE Grolier
Journal of Polymer Science part B: polymer physics 39 (17), 2063-2070, 2001
Simultaneous measurements of heat capacities and densities of organic liquid mixtures. Systems containing ketones
JPE Grolier, GC Benson, P Picker
Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data 20 (3), 243-246, 1975
Thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures containing ketones. VIII. Heat capacities and volumes of some n-alkanone+ n-alkane mixtures at 298.15 K
JPE Grolier, GC Benson
Canadian journal of chemistry 62 (5), 949-953, 1984
Effect of ball milling time on the hydrogen storage properties of TiF3-doped LiAlH4
SS Liu, LX Sun, Y Zhang, F Xu, J Zhang, HL Chu, MQ Fan, T Zhang, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 34 (19), 8079-8085, 2009
Thermodynamics of alkanoate+ alkane binary mixtures. Concentration dependence of excess heat capacities and volumes
M Pintos, R Bravo, MC Baluja, MIP Andrade, G Roux-Desgranges, ...
Canadian journal of chemistry 66 (5), 1179-1186, 1988
An isothermal scanning calorimeter controlled by linear pressure variations from 0.1 to 400 MPa. Calibration and comparison with the piezothermal technique
SL Randzio, JPE Grolier, JR Quint
Review of scientific instruments 65 (4), 960-965, 1994
Developments and applications in solubility
E Wilhelm, E Waghorne, G Hefter, W Hummel, G Maurer, LPN Rebelo, ...
Royal Society of Chemistry, 2007
Effect of n-alkanes on asphaltene structuring in petroleum oils
C Stachowiak, JR Viguié, JPE Grolier, M Rogalski
Langmuir 21 (11), 4824-4829, 2005
Thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures containing ketones I. Excess enthalpies of some aliphatic ketones+ n-hexane,+ benzene, and+ tetrachloromethane
O Kiyohara, GC Benson, JPE Grolier
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Excess volumes, ultrasonic velocities, and adiabatic compressibilities for binary cycloalkanol mixtures at 25 C
O Kiyohara, JPE Grolier, GC Benson
Canadian Journal of Chemistry 52 (12), 2287-2293, 1974
Thermodynamics of a charged hard sphere in a compressible dielectric fluid. A modification of the Born equation to include the compressibility of the solvent
RH Wood, JR Quint, JPE Grolier
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 85 (25), 3944-3949, 1981
Thermomechanics of the variation of interfaces in heterogeneous lyophobic systems
L Coiffard, VA Eroshenko, JPE Grolier
AIChE journal 51 (4), 1246-1257, 2005
A completely analytic equation of state for the square-well chain fluid of variable well width
FW Tavares, J Chang, SI Sandler
Fluid phase equilibria 140 (1-2), 129-143, 1997
Densities and heat capacities of 1-butanol+ n-decane from 298 K to 400 K
JA Gates, RH Wood, JC Cobos, C Casanova, AH Roux, ...
Fluid phase equilibria 27, 137-151, 1986
Thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures containing ketones. VI. Analysis of the properties of 2-propanone+ n-alkane mixtures in terms of a quasi-chemical group contribution …
HV Kehiaian, JPE Grolier, MR Kechavarz, GC Benson
Fluid Phase Equilibria 5 (3-4), 159-189, 1981
Heat capacities: liquids, solutions and vapours
T Letcher, E Wilhelm, A Hakin, J Stohner, P Tremaine, LD Hansen, D Raal, ...
CHEMISTRY International, 2011
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