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E/Z Photochemical switches: syntheses, properties and applications
C García-Iriepa, M Marazzi, LM Frutos, D Sampedro
RSC Advances 3 (18), 6241-6266, 2013
Mechanism and Scope of Phosphinidene Transfer from Dibenzo-7-phosphanorbornadiene Compounds
WJ Transue, A Velian, M Nava, C Garcia-Iriepa, M Temprado, ...
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Rational Design and Synthesis of Efficient Sunscreens To Boost the Solar Protection Factor
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Molecular Basis of SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Rational Design of Potential Antiviral Agents: Modeling and Simulation Approaches
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Chiral hydrogen bond environment providing unidirectional rotation in photoactive molecular motors
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Molecular Simulations with in-deMon2k QM/MM, a Tutorial-Review
A de la Lande, A Alvarez-Ibarra, K Hasnaoui, F Cailliez, X Wu, T Mineva, ...
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Tetrahydropyranodiquinolin-8-amines as new, non hepatotoxic, antioxidant, and acetylcholinesterase inhibitors for Alzheimer's disease therapy
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Simulation and Analysis of the Spectroscopic Properties of Oxyluciferin and Its Analogues in Water
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Hydantoin-Based Molecular Photoswitches
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Thermodynamics of the Interaction between the Spike Protein of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 and the Receptor of Human Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme 2 …
C García-Iriepa, C Hognon, A Francés-Monerris, I Iriepa, T Miclot, ...
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Role of RNA Guanine Quadruplexes in Favoring the Dimerization of SARS Unique Domain in Coronaviruses
C Hognon, T Miclot, CG Iriepa, A France-Monerris, S Grandemange, ...
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Level of Theory and Solvent Effects on DASA Absorption Properties Prediction: Comparing TD-DFT, CASPT2 and NEVPT2
C García-Iriepa, M Marazzi
Materials 10 (9), 1025, 2017
Optomechanical Control of Quantum Yield in TransCis Ultrafast Photoisomerization of a Retinal Chromophore Model
A Valentini, D Rivero, F Zapata, C García‐Iriepa, M Marazzi, R Palmeiro, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (14), 3842-3846, 2017
The role of solvation models on the computed absorption and emission spectra: The case of fireflies oxyluciferin
C García-Iriepa, M Zemmouche, M Ponce-Vargas, I Navizet
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From Light Absorption to Cyclization: Structure and Solvent Effects in Donor‐Acceptor Stenhouse Adducts
MMDS Cristina García‐Iriepa
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C García-Iriepa, M Gueye, J Léonard, D Martínez-López, PJ Campos, ...
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H Gattuso, C García-Iriepa, D Sampedro, A Monari, M Marazzi
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Photoreactivity Control Mediated by Molecular Force Probes in Stilbene
C García-Iriepa, D Sampedro, F Mendicuti, J Léonard, LM Frutos
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Study of Model Systems for Bilirubin and Bilin Chromophores: Determination and Modification of Thermal and Photochemical Properties
C García-Iriepa, HA Ernst, Y Liang, AN Unterreiner, LM Frutos, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 81 (15), 6292-6302, 2016
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