Frida Piper
Frida Piper
Centro de Investigación en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia (CIEP)
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Physiological mechanisms of drought‐induced tree mortality are far from being resolved
A Sala, F Piper, G Hoch
New Phytologist 186 (2), 274-281, 2010
A multi-species synthesis of physiological mechanisms in drought-induced tree mortality
HD Adams, MJB Zeppel, WRL Anderegg, H Hartmann, SM Landhäusser, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (9), 1285-1291, 2017
Dynamics of non‐structural carbohydrates in terrestrial plants: a global synthesis
J Martínez‐Vilalta, A Sala, D Asensio, L Galiano, G Hoch, S Palacio, ...
Ecological Monographs 86 (4), 495-516, 2016
Intraspecific trait variation and covariation in a widespread tree species (Nothofagus pumilio) in southern Chile
A Fajardo, FI Piper
New Phytologist 189 (1), 259-271, 2011
Non-structural carbohydrates in woody plants compared among laboratories
AG Quentin, EA Pinkard, MG Ryan, DT Tissue, LS Baggett, HD Adams, ...
Tree Physiology 35 (11), 1146-1165, 2015
Carbon sink limitation and frost tolerance control performance of the tree Kageneckia angustifolia D. Don (Rosaceae) at the treeline in central Chile
FI Piper, LA Cavieres, M Reyes-Díaz, LJ Corcuera
Plant Ecology 185 (1), 29, 2006
Drought induces opposite changes in the concentration of non-structural carbohydrates of two evergreen Nothofagus species of differential drought resistance
FI Piper
Annals of Forest Science 68 (2), 415-424, 2011
Low temperature responses of Nothofagus dombeyi and Nothofagus nitida, two evergreen species from south central Chile
M Reyes-Díaz, M Alberdi, F Piper, LA Bravo, LJ Corcuera
Tree physiology 25 (11), 1389-1398, 2005
Differential photosynthetic and survival responses to soil drought in two evergreen Nothofagus species
FI Piper, LJ Corcuera, M Alberdi, C Lusk
Annals of Forest Science 64 (4), 447-452, 2007
Variation of mobile carbon reserves in trees at the alpine treeline ecotone is under environmental control
A Fajardo, FI Piper, L Pfund, C Körner, G Hoch
New Phytologist 195 (4), 794-802, 2012
Foliar habit, tolerance to defoliation and their link to carbon and nitrogen storage
FI Piper, A Fajardo
Journal of Ecology 102 (5), 1101-1111, 2014
Seedling size influences relationships of shade tolerance with carbohydrate‐storage patterns in a temperate rainforest
CH Lusk, FI Piper
Functional ecology 21 (1), 78-86, 2007
Similar variation in carbon storage between deciduous and evergreen treeline species across elevational gradients
A Fajardo, FI Piper, G Hoch
Annals of botany 112 (3), 623-631, 2013
Distinguishing local from global climate influences in the variation of carbon status with altitude in a tree line species
A Fajardo, FI Piper, LA Cavieres
Global Ecology and Biogeography 20 (2), 307-318, 2011
Carbohydrate storage, survival, and growth of two evergreen Nothofagus species in two contrasting light environments
FI Piper, M Reyes-Díaz, LJ Corcuera, CH Lusk
Ecological research 24 (6), 1233-1241, 2009
Extreme defoliation reduces tree growth but not C and N storage in a winter-deciduous species
FI Piper, MJ Gundale, A Fajardo
Annals of botany 115 (7), 1093-1103, 2015
Disturbance regimes, gap‐demanding trees and seed mass related to tree height in warm temperate rain forests worldwide
PJ Grubb, PJ Bellingham, TS Kohyama, FI Piper, A Valido
Biological Reviews 88 (3), 701-744, 2013
Ontogeny, understorey light interception and simulated carbon gain of juvenile rainforest evergreens differing in shade tolerance
CH Lusk, MM Pérez-Millaqueo, FI Piper, A Saldana
Annals of Botany 108 (3), 419-428, 2011
An experimental approach to explain the southern Andes elevational treeline
A Fajardo, FI Piper
American Journal of Botany 101 (5), 788-795, 2014
No evidence of carbon limitation with tree age and height in Nothofagus pumilio under Mediterranean and temperate climate conditions
FI Piper, A Fajardo
Annals of Botany 108 (5), 907-917, 2011
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