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Advances in the chemistry of tetrahydroquinolines
V Sridharan, PA Suryavanshi, JC Menendez
Chemical reviews 111 (11), 7157-7259, 2011
Progress in the Chemistry of Tetrahydroquinolines
I Muthukrishnan, V Sridharan, JC Menendez
Chemical reviews 119 (8), 5057-5191, 2019
Cerium (IV) ammonium nitrate as a catalyst in organic synthesis
V Sridharan, JC Menéndez
Chemical reviews 110 (6), 3805-3849, 2010
Cerium (IV) Ammonium Nitrate Is an Excellent, General Catalyst for the Friedländer and Friedländer− Borsche Quinoline Syntheses: Very Efficient Access to the Antitumor …
V Sridharan, P Ribelles, MT Ramos, JC Menendez
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 74 (15), 5715-5718, 2009
A new three-component domino synthesis of 1, 4-dihydropyridines
V Sridharan, PT Perumal, C Avendano, JC Menendez
Tetrahedron 63 (21), 4407-4413, 2007
Proline and its derivatives as organocatalysts for multi‐component reactions in aqueous media: synergic pathways to the green synthesis of heterocycles
BS Vachan, M Karuppasamy, P Vinoth, S Vivek Kumar, S Perumal, ...
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 362 (1), 87-110, 2020
P-chirogenic organocatalysts: application to the aza-Morita–Baylis–Hillman (aza-MBH) reaction of ketimines
S Takizawa, E Rémond, FA Arteaga, Y Yoshida, V Sridharan, J Bayardon, ...
Chemical Communications 49 (75), 8392-8394, 2013
Acid‐Free Synthesis of Carbazoles and Carbazolequinones by Intramolecular Pd‐Catalyzed, Microwave‐Assisted Oxidative Biaryl Coupling Reactions–Efficient Syntheses of …
V Sridharan, MA Martín, JC Menéndez
European Journal of Organic Chemistry 2009 (27), 4614-4621, 2009
Two-step stereocontrolled synthesis of densely functionalized cyclic β-aminoesters containing four stereocenters, based on a new cerium (IV) ammonium nitrate catalyzed …
V Sridharan, JC Menendez
Organic Letters 10 (19), 4303-4306, 2008
CAN-catalyzed three-component reaction between anilines and alkyl vinyl ethers: Stereoselective synthesis of 2-methyl-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroquinolines and studies on their …
V Sridharan, C Avendano, JC Menéndez
Tetrahedron 63 (3), 673-681, 2007
A Very Efficient Cerium (IV) Ammonium Nitrate Catalyzed, Four‐Component Synthesis of Tetrahydropyridines and Its Application in the Concise Generation of Functionalized …
V Sridharan, S Maiti, JC Menendez
Chemistry–A European Journal 15 (18), 4565-4572, 2009
The first aza Diels–Alder reaction involving an α, β-unsaturated hydrazone as the dienophile: stereoselective synthesis of C-4 functionalized 1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydroquinolines …
V Sridharan, PT Perumal, C Avendano, JC Menéndez
Organic & biomolecular chemistry 5 (9), 1351-1353, 2007
Stimuli responsive hydrogels derived from a renewable resource: synthesis, self-assembly in water and application in drug delivery
K Lalitha, YS Prasad, CU Maheswari, V Sridharan, G John, S Nagarajan
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3 (27), 5560-5568, 2015
Synthesis of a library of 5, 6-unsubstituted 1, 4-dihydropyridines based on a one-pot 4CR/elimination process and their application to the generation of structurally diverse …
S Maiti, V Sridharan, JC Menendez
Journal of combinatorial chemistry 12 (5), 713-722, 2010
Expedient, one-pot preparation of fused indoles via CAN-catalyzed three-component domino sequences and their transformation into polyheterocyclic compounds containing pyrrolo …
PA Suryavanshi, V Sridharan, JC Menéndez
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General, mild and efficient synthesis of β-enaminones catalyzed by ceric ammonium nitrate
V Sridharan, C Avendaño, JC Menéndez
Synlett 2007 (06), 0881-0884, 2007
New 5-Unsubstituted Dihydropyridines with Improved CaV1.3 Selectivity as Potential Neuroprotective Agents against Ischemic Injury
G Tenti, E Parada, R León, J Egea, S Martínez-Revelles, AM Briones, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 57 (10), 4313-4323, 2014
Highly efficient regioselective synthesis of pyrroles via a tandem enamine formation–Michael addition–cyclization sequence under catalyst-and solvent-free conditions
T Vivekanand, P Vinoth, B Agieshkumar, N Sampath, A Sudalai, ...
Green Chemistry 17 (6), 3415-3423, 2015
A renewable resource-derived thixotropic self-assembled supramolecular gel: magnetic stimuli responsive and real-time self-healing behaviour
K Lalitha, YS Prasad, V Sridharan, CU Maheswari, G John, S Nagarajan
Rsc Advances 5 (95), 77589-77594, 2015
Convenient, two-step synthesis of 2-styrylquinolines: an application of the CAN-catalyzed vinylogous type-II Povarov reaction
V Sridharan, C Avendano, JC Menendez
Tetrahedron 65 (10), 2087-2096, 2009
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