Suraj S Hegde
Suraj S Hegde
Institut für theoretische physik, TU-Dresden
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Interactions and Mobility Edges: Observing the Generalized Aubry-André Model
FA An, K Padavić, EJ Meier, S Hegde, S Ganeshan, JH Pixley, ...
Physical Review Letters 126 (4), 040603, 2021
Majorana wave-function oscillations, fermion parity switches, and disorder in Kitaev chains
SS Hegde, S Vishveshwara
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Quench dynamics and parity blocking in Majorana wires
S Hegde, V Shivamoggi, S Vishveshwara, D Sen
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K Padavić, SS Hegde, W DeGottardi, S Vishveshwara
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Physics of the Inverted Harmonic Oscillator: From the lowest Landau level to event horizons
V Subramanyan, SS Hegde, S Vishveshwara, B Bradlyn
arXiv:2012.09875, 2020
A topological Josephson junction platform for creating, manipulating, and braiding Majorana bound states
SS Hegde, G Yue, Y Wang, E Huemiller, DJ Van Harlingen, ...
Annals of Physics 423, 168326, 2020
Quasinormal Modes and the Hawking-Unruh Effect in Quantum Hall Systems: Lessons from Black Hole Phenomena
SS Hegde, V Subramanyan, B Bradlyn, S Vishveshwara
Physical review letters 123 (15), 156802, 2019
Interplay of disorder and point-gap topology: Chiral modes, localization, and non-Hermitian Anderson skin effect in one dimension
R Sarkar, SS Hegde, A Narayan
Physical Review B 106 (1), 014207, 2022
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FA An, K Padavić, EJ Meier, S Hegde, S Ganeshan, JH Pixley, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2007.01393, 2020
Theory of competing charge density wave, Kekulé, and antiferromagnetically ordered fractional quantum Hall states in graphene aligned with boron nitride
SS Hegde, IS Villadiego
Physical Review B 105 (19), 195417, 2022
Chiral metals and entrapped insulators in a one-dimensional topological non-Hermitian system
A Banerjee, SS Hegde, A Agarwala, A Narayan
Physical Review B 105 (20), 205403, 2022
Black hole mirages: Electron lensing and Berry curvature effects in inhomogeneously tilted Weyl semimetals
A Haller, S Hegde, C Xu, C De Beule, TL Schmidt, T Meng
SciPost Physics 14 (5), 119, 2023
Edge-selective extremal damping from topological heritage of dissipative Chern insulators
SS Hegde, T Ehmcke, T Meng
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Thermal radiation as a probe of one-dimensional electron liquids
W DeGottardi, MJ Gullans, S Hegde, S Vishveshwara, M Hafezi
Physical Review B 99 (23), 235124, 2019
Optical analogues of spherically symmetric black hole spacetimes
SS Hegde, CV Vishveshwara
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 484 (1), 012017, 2014
Theory of Competing Charge Density Wave, Kekule and Antiferromagnetic ordered Fractional Quantum Hall states in Graphene aligned with Boron Nitride
SS Hegde, IS Villadiego
arXiv preprint arXiv:2202.01796, 2022
Topological phases, non-equilibrium dynamics and parallels of black hole phenomena in condensed matter
SS Hegde
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2019
1D Localization-Delocalization Physics and Toroidal Representations of Transfer Matrices
K Padavic, S Hegde, S Vishveshwara
APS March Meeting Abstracts 2019, S24. 009, 2019
Analytical Theory of Optical Black Hole Analogues
SS Hegde, CV Vishveshwara
arXiv preprint arXiv:1209.5148, 2012
Black hole mirages: electron lensing and Berry curvature effects in inhomogeneously tilted Weyl semimetals Submission/2210.16254 v2: Reply to Reports
A Haller, S Hegde, C Xu, C De Beule, TL Schmidt, T Meng
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