Olga Caamaño Santos
Olga Caamaño Santos
Titular Química Organica, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela
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MIND-BEST: Web Server for Drugs and Target Discovery; Design, Synthesis, and Assay of MAO-B Inhibitors and Theoretical− Experimental Study of G3PDH Protein from Trichomonas …
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Polymer‐Supported 1, 5, 7‐Triazabicyclo [4.4. 0] dec‐5‐ene as Polyvalent Ligands in the Copper‐Catalyzed Huisgen 1, 3‐Dipolar Cycloaddition
A Coelho, P Diz, O Caamano, E Sotelo
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Using entropy of drug and protein graphs to predict FDA drug-target network: theoretic-experimental study of MAO inhibitors and hemoglobin peptides from Fasciola hepatica
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Pyrimidine Derivatives as Potent and Selective A3 Adenosine Receptor Antagonists
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TOPS-MODE model of multiplexing neuroprotective effects of drugs and experimental-theoretic study of new 1, 3-rasagiline derivatives potentially useful in neurodegenerative …
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Brain-inspired cheminformatics of drug-target brain interactome, synthesis, and assay of TVP1022 derivatives
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Model for high-throughput screening of multitarget drugs in chemical neurosciences: synthesis, assay, and theoretic study of rasagiline carbamates
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Perturbation Theory/Machine Learning Model of ChEMBL Data for Dopamine Targets: Docking, Synthesis, and Assay of New l-Prolyl-l-leucyl-glycinamide …
J Ferreira da Costa, D Silva, O Caamaño, JM Brea, MI Loza, ...
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3D MI-DRAGON: new model for the reconstruction of US FDA drug-target network and theoretical-experimental studies of inhibitors of rasagiline derivatives for AChE
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The use of (−)-8-phenylisoneomenthol and (−)-8-phenylmenthol in the enantioselective synthesis of 3-functionalized 2-azabicyclo [2.2. 1] heptane derivatives via aza-Diels–Alder …
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Tetrahedron letters 39 (31), 5663-5666, 1998
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