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Spectral signature of highly turbid waters: Application with SPOT data to quantify suspended particulate matter concentrations
D Doxaran, JM Froidefond, S Lavender, P Castaing
Remote sensing of Environment 81 (1), 149-161, 2002
Importance of stirring in the development of an iron-fertilized phytoplankton bloom
ER Abraham, CS Law, PW Boyd, SJ Lavender, MT Maldonado, AR Bowie
Nature 407 (6805), 727, 2000
The atmospheric correction of water colour and the quantitative retrieval of suspended particulate matter in Case II waters: application to MERIS
GF Moore, J Aiken, SJ Lavender
International Journal of Remote Sensing 20 (9), 1713-1733, 1999
Sun glint correction of high and low spatial resolution images of aquatic scenes: a review of methods for visible and near-infrared wavelengths
S Kay, JD Hedley, S Lavender
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Generalized ocean color inversion model for retrieving marine inherent optical properties
PJ Werdell, BA Franz, SW Bailey, GC Feldman, E Boss, VE Brando, ...
Applied optics 52 (10), 2019-2037, 2013
A three-component model of phytoplankton size class for the Atlantic Ocean
RJW Brewin, S Sathyendranath, T Hirata, SJ Lavender, RM Barciela, ...
Ecological Modelling 221 (11), 1472-1483, 2010
A long‐term chlorophyll dataset reveals regime shift in North Sea phytoplankton biomass unconnected to nutrient levels
A McQuatters-Gollop, DE Raitsos, M Edwards, Y Pradhan, LD Mee, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 52 (2), 635-648, 2007
Modification to the atmospheric correction of SeaWiFS ocean colour images over turbid waters
SJ Lavender, MH Pinkerton, GF Moore, J Aiken, D Blondeau-Patissier
Continental Shelf Research 25 (4), 539-555, 2005
An intercomparison of bio-optical techniques for detecting dominant phytoplankton size class from satellite remote sensing
RJW Brewin, NJ Hardman-Mountford, SJ Lavender, DE Raitsos, T Hirata, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 115 (2), 325-339, 2011
Phytoplankton pigments and functional types in the Atlantic Ocean: a decadal assessment, 1995–2005
J Aiken, Y Pradhan, R Barlow, S Lavender, A Poulton, P Holligan, ...
Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 56 (15), 899-917, 2009
SMOS first data analysis for sea surface salinity determination
J Font, J Boutin, N Reul, P Spurgeon, J Ballabrera-Poy, A Chuprin, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 34 (9-10), 3654-3670, 2013
Extending the SeaWiFS chlorophyll data set back 50 years in the northeast Atlantic
DE Raitsos, PC Reid, SJ Lavender, M Edwards, AJ Richardson
Geophysical Research Letters 32 (6), 2005
Diurnal warm‐layer events in the western Mediterranean and European shelf seas
CJ Merchant, MJ Filipiak, P Le Borgne, H Roquet, E Autret, JF Piollé, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 35 (4), 2008
Apparent and inherent optical properties of turbid estuarine waters: measurements, empirical quantification relationships, and modeling
D Doxaran, N Cherukuru, SJ Lavender
Applied Optics 45 (10), 2310-2324, 2006
Coccolithophore bloom size variation in response to the regional environment of the subarctic North Atlantic
DE Raitsos, SJ Lavender, Y Pradhan, T Tyrrell, PC Reid, M Edwards
Limnology and oceanography 51 (5), 2122-2130, 2006
Identifying four phytoplankton functional types from space: An ecological approach
DE Raitsos, SJ Lavender, CD Maravelias, J Haralabous, AJ Richardson, ...
Limnology and oceanography 53 (2), 605-613, 2008
Validation of MERIS reflectance and chlorophyll during the BENCAL cruise October 2002: preliminary validation of new demonstration products for phytoplankton functional types …
J Aiken, JR Fishwick, S Lavender, R Barlow, GF Moore, H Sessions, ...
International Journal of Remote Sensing 28 (3-4), 497-516, 2007
Observations of pCO2 in the coastal upwelling off Chile: Spatial and temporal extrapolation using satellite data
N Lefèvre, J Aiken, J Rutllant, G Daneri, S Lavender, T Smyth
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 107 (C6), 8-1-8-15, 2002
Use of reflectance band ratios to estimate suspended and dissolved matter concentrations in estuarine waters
D Doxaran, RCN Cherukuru, SJ Lavender
International Journal of Remote Sensing 26 (8), 1763-1769, 2005
Remote sensing of sea surface temperature and chlorophyll during Lagrangian experiments at the Iberian margin
TJ Smyth, PI Miller, SB Groom, SJ Lavender
Progress in Oceanography 51 (2-4), 269-281, 2001
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