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Xoaquín Moreira Tomé
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Trade‐offs between constitutive and induced defences drive geographical and climatic clines in pine chemical defences
X Moreira, KA Mooney, S Rasmann, WK Petry, A Carrillo‐Gavilán, R Zas, ...
Ecology Letters 17 (5), 537-546, 2014
Costs of constitutive and herbivore‐induced chemical defences in pine trees emerge only under low nutrient availability
L Sampedro, X Moreira, R Zas
Journal of Ecology 99 (3), 818-827, 2011
Defensive responses of Pinus pinaster seedlings to exogenous application of methyl jasmonate: concentration effect and systemic response
X Moreira, L Sampedro, R Zas
Environmental and Experimental Botany 67 (1), 94-100, 2009
Plant diversity effects on insect herbivores and their natural enemies: current thinking, recent findings, and future directions
X Moreira, L Abdala-Roberts, S Rasmann, B Castagneyrol, KA Mooney
Current opinion in insect science 14, 1-7, 2016
Positive effects of plant genotypic and species diversity on anti-herbivore defenses in a tropical tree species
X Moreira, L Abdala-Roberts, V Parra-Tabla, KA Mooney
PLoS One 9 (8), e105438, 2014
Tolerance and induced resistance in a native and an exotic pine species: relevant traits for invasion ecology
R Zas, X Moreira, L Sampedro
Journal of Ecology 99 (6), 1316-1326, 2011
Genetics, phosphorus availability, and herbivore-derived induction as sources of phenotypic variation of leaf volatile terpenes in a pine species
L Sampedro, X Moreira, J Llusia, J Peñuelas, R Zas
Journal of experimental botany 61 (15), 4437-4447, 2010
Differential allocation of constitutive and induced chemical defenses in pine tree juveniles: a test of the optimal defense theory
X Moreira, R Zas, L Sampedro
Plos One 7 (3), e34006, 2012
Resistance and response of Pinus pinaster seedlings to Hylobius abietis after induction with methyl jasmonate
L Sampedro, X Moreira, R Zas
Plant Ecology 212 (3), 397-401, 2011
Latitudinal variation in herbivory: influences of climatic drivers, herbivore identity and natural enemies
X Moreira, L Abdala‐Roberts, V Parra‐Tabla, KA Mooney
Oikos 124 (11), 1444-1452, 2015
Influence of plant genetic diversity on interactions between higher trophic levels
X Moreira, KA Mooney
Biology Letters 9 (3), 20130133, 2013
Bottom-up effects of host-plant species diversity and top-down effects of ants interactively increase plant performance
X Moreira, KA Mooney, R Zas, L Sampedro
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 279 (1746), 4464-4472, 2012
Genetic variation and phenotypic plasticity of nutrient re‐allocation and increased fine root production as putative tolerance mechanisms inducible by methyl jasmonate in pine …
X Moreira, R Zas, L Sampedro
Journal of Ecology 100 (3), 810-820, 2012
Differentiation of persistent anatomical defensive structures is costly and determined by nutrient availability and genetic growth-defence constraints
X Moreira, R Zas, A Solla, L Sampedro
Tree physiology 35 (2), 112-123, 2015
The simultaneous inducibility of phytochemicals related to plant direct and indirect defences against herbivores is stronger at low elevation
L Pellissier, X Moreira, H Danner, M Serrano, N Salamin, NM van Dam, ...
Journal of Ecology 104 (4), 1116-1125, 2016
Effect of fertilization and genetic variation on susceptibility of Pinus radiata seedlings to Hylobius abietis damage
R Zas, L Sampedro, X Moreira, P Martíns
Canadian Journal of Forest Research 38 (1), 63-72, 2008
Biotic and abiotic factors associated with altitudinal variation in plant traits and herbivory in a dominant oak species
L Abdala‐Roberts, S Rasmann, JC Berny‐Mier y Terán, F Covelo, ...
American journal of botany 103 (12), 2070-2078, 2016
Alterations of the resin canal system of Pinus pinaster seedlings after fertilization of a healthy and of a Hylobius abietis attacked stand
X Moreira, L Sampedro, R Zas, A Solla
Trees 22 (6), 771-777, 2008
Early resistance of alien and native pines against two native generalist insect herbivores: no support for the natural enemy hypothesis
A Carrillo‐Gavilán, X Moreira, R Zas, M Vila, L Sampedro
Functional Ecology 26 (1), 283-293, 2012
Inducibility of chemical defences by two chewing insect herbivores in pine trees is specific to targeted plant tissue, particular herbivore and defensive trait
X Moreira, L Lundborg, R Zas, A Carrillo-Gavilán, AK Borg-Karlson, ...
Phytochemistry 94, 113-122, 2013
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