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BAGEL4: a user-friendly web server to thoroughly mine RiPPs and bacteriocins
AJ van Heel, A de Jong, C Song, JH Viel, J Kok, OP Kuipers
Nucleic acids research 46 (W1), W278-W281, 2018
BAGEL3: automated identification of genes encoding bacteriocins and (non-) bactericidal posttranslationally modified peptides
AJ Van Heel, A de Jong, M Montalban-Lopez, J Kok, OP Kuipers
Nucleic acids research 41 (W1), W448-W453, 2013
New developments in RiPP discovery, enzymology and engineering
M Montalbán-López, TA Scott, S Ramesh, IR Rahman, AJ Van Heel, ...
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Evaluating the feasibility of lantibiotics as an alternative therapy against bacterial infections in humans
AJ van Heel, M Montalban-Lopez, OP Kuipers
Expert opinion on drug metabolism & toxicology 7 (6), 675-680, 2011
Designing and producing modified, new-to-nature peptides with antimicrobial activity by use of a combination of various lantibiotic modification enzymes
AJ van Heel, D Mu, M Montalbán-López, D Hendriks, OP Kuipers
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Potentiating the Activity of Nisin against Escherichia coli
L Zhou, AJ Van Heel, M Montalban-Lopez, OP Kuipers
Frontiers in cell and developmental biology 4, 7, 2016
The length of a lantibiotic hinge region has profound influence on antimicrobial activity and host specificity
L Zhou, AJ van Heel, OP Kuipers
Frontiers in microbiology 6, 11, 2015
Employing the promiscuity of lantibiotic biosynthetic machineries to produce novel antimicrobials
M Montalban-Lopez, AJ van Heel, OP Kuipers
FEMS Microbiology Reviews 41 (1), 5-18, 2017
Specificity and application of the lantibiotic protease NisP
M Montalbán-López, J Deng, AJ Van Heel, OP Kuipers
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 160, 2018
Incorporation of tryptophan analogues into the lantibiotic nisin
L Zhou, J Shao, Q Li, AJ van Heel, MP de Vries, J Broos, OP Kuipers
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Increasing the success rate of lantibiotic drug discovery by synthetic biology
M Montalbán-López, L Zhou, A Buivydas, AJ van Heel, OP Kuipers
Expert opinion on drug discovery 7 (8), 695-709, 2012
Genome-guided identification of novel head-to-tail cyclized antimicrobial peptides, exemplified by the discovery of pumilarin
AJ van Heel, M Montalban-Lopez, Q Oliveau, OP Kuipers
Microbial genomics 3 (10), 2017
Protein surface and core dynamics show concerted hydration‐dependent activation
K Wood, FX Gallat, R Otten, AJ van Heel, M Lethier, L van Eijck, M Moulin, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 52 (2), 665-668, 2013
MiniBacillus PG10 as a Convenient and Effective Production Host for Lantibiotics
AY van Tilburg, AJ van Heel, J Stülke, NAW de Kok, AS Rueff, ...
ACS Synthetic Biology 9 (7), 1833-1842, 2020
Cell surface engineering of Bacillus subtilis improves production yields of heterologously expressed α-amylases
H Cao, AJ van Heel, H Ahmed, M Mols, OP Kuipers
Microbial Cell Factories 16, 1-9, 2017
Bacillus subtilis Biosensor Engineered To Assess Meat Spoilage
A Daszczuk, Y Dessalegne, I Drenth, E Hendriks, E Jo, T van Lente, ...
ACS synthetic biology 3 (12), 999-1002, 2014
Draft genome sequences of seven thermophilic spore-forming bacteria isolated from foods that produce highly heat-resistant spores, comprising Geobacillus spp., Caldibacillus …
EM Berendsen, MHJ Wells-Bennik, AO Krawczyk, A de Jong, A van Heel, ...
Genome Announcements 4 (3), 10.1128/genomea. 00105-16, 2016
The Bacillus subtilis Minimal Genome Compendium
S Michalik, A Reder, B Richts, P Faßhauer, U Mäder, T Pedreira, ...
ACS Synthetic Biology 10 (10), 2767-2771, 2021
Recombinant pediocin in Lactococcus lactis: increased production by propeptide fusion and improved potency by co‐production with PedC
A Back, F Borges, C Mangavel, C Paris, E Rondags, R Kapel, A Aymes, ...
Microbial biotechnology 9 (4), 466-477, 2016
Identification of essential amino acid residues in the nisin dehydratase NisB
R Khusainov, AJ van Heel, J Lubelski, GN Moll, OP Kuipers
Frontiers in Microbiology 6, 102, 2015
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