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Jan Hüge
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Metabolic fluxes in an illuminated Arabidopsis rosette
M Szecowka, R Heise, T Tohge, A Nunes-Nesi, D Vosloh, J Huege, R Feil, ...
The Plant Cell 25 (2), 694-714, 2013
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Cyanobacterial lactate oxidases serve as essential partners in N2 fixation and evolved into photorespiratory glycolate oxidases in plants
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Low pyrrolizidine alkaloid levels in perennial ryegrass is associated with the absence of a homospermidine synthase gene
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Messung von intrazellulären Stoffflüssen in Pflanzen
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BIOspektrum 19 (6), 690-693, 2013
Modulation of the Major Paths of Carbon in Photorespiratory Mutants of
J Huege, J Goetze, D Schwarz, H Bauwe, M Hagemann
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