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Guía de las macroalgas y fanerógamas marinas del Mediterráneo occidental
C Rodríguez-Prieto, E Ballesteros, F Boisset, J Afonso-Carrillo
Omega, Barcelona, 2013
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Vegetative and reproductive morphology of Gloiocladia repens (C. Agardh) Sánchez et Rodríguez-Prieto comb. nov. (Rhodymeniales, Rhodophyta), with a taxonomic re-assessment of the …
C Rodríguez-Prieto, DW Freshwater, N Sánchez
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C RodrÍguez-Prieto, MH Hommersand
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Botryocladia chiajeana and Botryocladia macaronesica sp. nov.(Rhodymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) from the Mediterranean and the eastern Atlantic, with a discussion on the closely …
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Presència d’Asparagopsis taxiformis (Delile) Trevisan a Balears
E Ballesteros i Segarra, C Rodríguez Prieto
© Bolletí de la Societat d'Història Natural de les Balears, 1996, vol. 39, p …, 1996
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E Cebrian, C Rodríguez-Prieto
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R Merciai, C Rodríguez-Prieto, J Torres, M Casadevall
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Light and temperature requirements for survival, growth and reproduction of the crustose coralline Lithophyllum stictaeforme from the Mediterranean Sea
C Rodríguez-Prieto
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A phylogenetic re‐appraisal of the family Liagoraceae sensu lato (Nemaliales, Rhodophyta) based on sequence analyses of two plastid genes and postfertilization development
SM Lin, C Rodríguez‐Prieto, JM Huisman, MD Guiry, C Payri, WA Nelson, ...
Journal of phycology 51 (3), 546-559, 2015
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