Alexander Kotrschal
Alexander Kotrschal
Assoc. Prof. Wageningen University
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Artificial selection on relative brain size in the guppy reveals costs and benefits of evolving a larger brain
A Kotrschal, B Rogell, A Bundsen, B Svensson, S Zajitschek, I Brännström, ...
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Stress impacts telomere dynamics
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Environmental change enhances cognitive abilities in fish
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A larger brain confers a benefit in a spatial mate search learning task in male guppies
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Comparative support for the expensive tissue hypothesis: big brains are correlated with smaller gut and greater parental investment in Lake Tanganyika cichlids
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Evolution 69 (1), 190-200, 2015
Artificial selection on relative brain size reveals a positive genetic correlation between brain size and proactive personality in the guppy
A Kotrschal, EJP Lievens, J Dahlbom, A Bundsen, S Semenova, ...
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Predation pressure shapes brain anatomy in the wild
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Sex-specific plasticity in brain morphology depends on social environment of the guppy, Poecilia reticulata
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Large brains, small guts: the expensive tissue hypothesis supported within anurans
WB Liao, SL Lou, Y Zeng, A Kotrschal
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The benefit of evolving a larger brain: big-brained guppies perform better in a cognitive task
A Kotrschal, B Rogell, A Bundsen, B Svensson, S Zajitschek, I Brännström, ...
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Female brain size affects the assessment of male attractiveness during mate choice
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Extreme sexual brain size dimorphism in sticklebacks: a consequence of the cognitive challenges of sex and parenting?
A Kotrschal, K Räsänen, BK Kristjansson, M Senn, N Kolm
PLoS One 7 (1), e30055, 2012
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