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Push-pull defragmentation without traffic disruption in flexible grid optical networks
F Cugini, F Paolucci, G Meloni, G Berrettini, M Secondini, F Fresi, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 31 (1), 125-133, 2012
Programmable transponder, code and differentiated filter configuration in elastic optical networks
N Sambo, G Meloni, F Paolucci, F Cugini, M Secondini, F Fresi, L Potì, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 32 (11), 2079-2086, 2014
Optical time–frequency packing: Principles, design, implementation, and experimental demonstration
M Secondini, T Foggi, F Fresi, G Meloni, F Cavaliere, G Colavolpe, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 33 (17), 3558-3570, 2015
Casting 1 Tb/s DP-QPSK communication into 200 GHz bandwidth
L Poti, G Meloni, G Berrettini, F Fresi, M Secondini, T Foggi, G Colavolpe, ...
2012 38th European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications, 1-3, 2012
OpenFlow-based flexible optical networks with enhanced monitoring functionalities
F Paolucci, F Cugini, N Hussain, F Fresi, L Poti
European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication, Tu. 1. D. 5, 2012
BER degradation detection and failure identification in elastic optical networks
AP Vela, M Ruiz, F Fresi, N Sambo, F Cugini, G Meloni, L Potì, L Velasco, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 35 (21), 4595-4604, 2017
Method of controlling the generation of a coherent optical signal and coherent optical signal control apparatus
F Cavaliere, F Fresi, G Meloni, L Poti
US Patent 10,056,980, 2018
Fiber-based programmable picosecond optical pulse shaper
S Thomas, A Malacarne, F Fresi, L Potì, J Azaña
Journal of Lightwave Technology 28 (12), 1832-1843, 2010
Photonic Combinatorial Network for Contention Management in 160 Gb/s-Interconnection Networks Based on All-Optical 22 Switching Elements
M Scaffardi, N Andriolli, G Meloni, G Berrettini, F Fresi, P Castoldi, L Poti, ...
IEEE journal of selected topics in quantum electronics 13 (5), 1531-1539, 2007
Outdoor-Band Hybrid Photonic Wireless Link Based on an Optical SFP+ Module
S Rommel, S Rodriguez, Ł Chorchos, EP Grakhova, AK Sultanov, ...
IEEE photonics technology letters 28 (21), 2303-2306, 2016
Vendor-interoperable elastic optical interfaces: Standards, experiments, and challenges
M Gunkel, A Mattheus, F Wissel, A Napoli, J Pedro, N Costa, T Rahman, ...
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 7 (12), B184-B193, 2015
Effect of link margin and frequency granularity on the performance of a flexgrid optical network
A Mitra, A Lord, S Kar, P Wright
Optics express 22 (1), 41-46, 2014
Continuously spacing-tunable multiwavelength semiconductor-optical-amplifier-based fiber ring laser incorporating a superimposed chirped fiber Bragg grating
YG Han, F Fresi, L Poti, JH Lee, X Dong
Optics letters 32 (9), 1032-1034, 2007
Active PCE demonstration performing elastic operations and hitless defragmentation in flexible grid optical networks
F Paolucci, A Castro, F Fresi, M Imran, A Giorgetti, BB Bhownik, ...
Photonic network communications 29 (1), 57-66, 2015
Programmable fiber-based picosecond optical pulse shaper using time-domain binary phase-only linear filtering
S Thomas, A Malacarne, F Fresi, L Potì, A Bogoni, J Azaña
Optics letters 34 (4), 545-547, 2009
Software defined code-rate-adaptive terabit/s based on time-frequency packing
N Sambo, F Paolucci, F Cugini, M Secondini, L Poti, G Berrettini, G Meloni, ...
2013 Optical Fiber Communication Conference and Exposition and the National …, 2013
Control of frequency conversion and defragmentation for super-channels
N Sambo, F Paolucci, G Meloni, F Fresi, L Potì, P Castoldi
IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking 7 (1), A126-A134, 2015
Toward plug-and-play software-defined elastic optical networks
F Cugini, F Paolucci, F Fresi, G Meloni, N Sambo, L Potí, A D’Errico, ...
Journal of Lightwave Technology 34 (6), 1494-1500, 2015
Analysis of power transfer on multicore fibers with long-period gratings
AM Rocha, T Almeida, RN Nogueira, M Facão
Optics letters 40 (2), 292-295, 2015
40-Gb/s NRZ-to-RZ and OOK-to-BPSK format and wavelength conversion on a single SOA-MZI for gridless networking operations
F Fresi, M Scaffardi, N Amaya, R Nejabati, D Simeonidou, A Bogoni
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 24 (4), 279-281, 2011
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