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Jose M. Montejo-Bernardo
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Oxidative DNA cleavage induced by an iron (III) flavonoid complex: Synthesis, crystal structure and characterization of chlorobis (flavonolato)(methanol) iron (III) complex
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Structural and functional models for the dinuclear copper active site in catechol oxidases: synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, magnetic and spectroscopic properties of μ …
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Development of novel copper(II) complexes of benzothiazole-N-sulfonamides as protective agents against superoxide anion. Crystal structures of [Cu(N–2-(4-methylbenzothiazole)benzenesulfonamidate)2(py …
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First desymmetrization of 1, 3-propanediamine derivatives in organic solvent. Development of a new route for the preparation of optically active Amines
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Asymmetric Dearomatization of the Furan Ring Promoted by Conjugate Organolithium Addition to (Menthyloxy)(3‐furyl) carbene Complexes of Chromium
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Chemical battleship: discovering and learning the periodic table playing a didactic and strategic board game
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Easy-to-use analytical approach based on ATR–FTIR and chemometrics to identify apple varieties under Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)
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Exámenes no presenciales en época del COVID-19 y el temor al engañ: un estudio de caso en la Universidad de Oviedo
JMM Bernardo
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Enantiopure Triazolium Salts: Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Applications in Organocatalysis
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Expanding the Scope of Alcohol Dehydrogenases towards Bulkier Substrates: Stereo‐and Enantiopreference for α, α‐Dihalogenated Ketones
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Chemoenzymatic preparation of optically active 3-(1 H-imidazol-1-yl) cyclohexanol-based ionic liquids: application in organocatalysis and toxicity studies
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