Christopher Perry
Christopher Perry
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Fluctuating Work: From Quantum Thermodynamical Identities to a Second Law Equality
ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes, J Oppenheim, C Perry
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Elementary Thermal Operations
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Fluctuating States: What is the Probability of a Thermodynamical Transition?
ÁM Alhambra, J Oppenheim, C Perry
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Communication tasks with infinite quantum-classical separation
C Perry, R Jain, J Oppenheim
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Heat-bath algorithmic cooling with optimal thermalization strategies
ÁM Alhambra, M Lostaglio, C Perry
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ÁM Alhambra, L Masanes, J Oppenheim, C Perry
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Compatibility of state assignments and pooling of information
TA Brun, MH Hsieh, C Perry
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The semiring of dichotomies and asymptotic relative submajorization
C Perry, P Vrana, AH Werner
arXiv preprint arXiv:2004.10587, 2020
All unital qubit channels are 4-noisy operations
A Müller-Hermes, C Perry
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Conclusive exclusion of quantum states and aspects of thermo-majorization
CD Perry
UCL (University College London), 2016
Thermal Operations in general are not memoryless
EA Aguilar, H Wojewódka-Ściążko, M Stankiewicz, C Perry, P Ćwikliński, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.03110, 2020
Clean quantum and classical communication protocols
H Buhrman, M Christandl, C Perry, J Zuiddam
Physical Review Letters 117 (23), 230503, 2016
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