Samuel Jacobi Grauer
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Instantaneous 3D flame imaging by background-oriented schlieren tomography
SJ Grauer, A Unterberger, A Rittler, KJ Daun, AM Kempf, K Mohri
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Investigation of melting in the Al–Si coating of a boron steel sheet by differential scanning calorimetry
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Estimating density, velocity, and pressure fields in supersonic flows using physics-informed BOS
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General error model for analysis of laser-induced incandescence signals
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Flow field tomography with uncertainty quantification using a Bayesian physics-informed neural network
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Predicting the heat of vaporization of iron at high temperatures using time-resolved laser-induced incandescence and Bayesian model selection
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Measurement-based meshing, basis selection, and prior assignment in chemical species tomography
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Gaussian model for emission rate measurement of heated plumes using hyperspectral data
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SJ Grauer, RW Tsang, KJ Daun
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Megahertz-rate background-oriented schlieren tomography in post-detonation blasts
M Gomez, SJ Grauer, J Ludwigsen, AM Steinberg, SF Son, S Roy, ...
Applied Optics, 2022
New transform to project axisymmetric deflection fields along arbitrary rays
TA Sipkens, SJ Grauer, AM Steinberg, SN Rogak, P Kirchen
Measurement Science and Technology, 2021
Linear absorption tomography with velocimetry (LATV) for multiparameter measurements in high-speed flows
SJ Grauer, AM Steinberg
Optics Express 28 (22), 32676-32692, 2020
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