Marc Freixes
Marc Freixes
GTM - Grup de recerca en Tecnologies Mèdia, La Salle - Universitat Ramon Llull
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Perceptual evaluation of the citizen’s acoustic environment from classic noise monitoring
RM Alsina-Pagès, M Freixes, F Orga, M Foraster, A Labairu-Trenchs
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GlottDNN-based spectral tilt analysis of tense voice emotional styles for the expressive 3D numerical synthesis of vowel [a]
M Freixes, M Arnela, F Alías, JC Socoró
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Soundscape of Catalonia during the first COVID-19 lockdown: Preliminary results from the Sons al Balcó project
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Adding singing capabilities to unit selection TTS through HNM-based conversion
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Dairy Cattle Welfare through Acoustic Analysis: preliminary results of acoustic environment description
RM Alsina-Pagès, P Llonch, GJ Ginovart-Panisello, R Guevara, M Freixes, ...
Proceedings of Euronoise 2021, 25-27 October, 2021, Medeira, Portugal, 0
Contribution of Vocal Tract and Glottal Source Spectral Cues in the Generation of Acted Happy and Aggressive Spanish Vowels
M Freixes, JC Socoró, F Alías
Applied Sciences 12 (4), 2055, 2022
Sons al Balcó, a Citizen Science Approach to Map the Soundscape of Catalonia
X Baño, P Bergadà, D Bonet-Solà, A Egea, M Foraster, M Freixes, ...
Engineering Proceedings 10 (1), 54, 2021
Citizens' perceptual evaluation of noise events in an urban environment
RM Alsina-Pagès, F Orga, M Freixes, M Foraster
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Abstracts of the Second Urban Sound Symposium
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Low-Cost WASN for Real-Time Soundmap Generation
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"Sons al Balcó": Soundscape of Catalonia during the first COVID-19 lockdown
X Baño, P Bergada, A Egea, M Foraster, M Freixes, GJ Ginovart-Panisello, ...
2nd Urban Sound Symposium, 2021
Contribution of vocal tract and glottal source spectral cues in the generation of happy and aggressive [a] vowels.
M Freixes, F Alías, JC Socoró
IberSPEECH, 2021
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