Tadeja Savi
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Shoot desiccation and hydraulic failure in temperate woody angiosperms during an extreme summer drought
A Nardini, M Battistuzzo, T Savi
New Phytologist 200 (2), 322-329, 2013
Rooting depth, water relations and non‐structural carbohydrate dynamics in three woody angiosperms differentially affected by an extreme summer drought
A Nardini, V Casolo, A Dal Borgo, T Savi, B Stenni, P Bertoncin, L Zini, ...
Plant, cell & environment 39 (3), 618-627, 2016
Drought‐induced xylem cavitation and hydraulic deterioration: risk factors for urban trees under climate change?
T Savi, S Bertuzzi, S Branca, M Tretiach, A Nardini
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The contribution of vascular and extra-vascular water pathways to drought-induced decline of leaf hydraulic conductance
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X‐ray microtomography observations of xylem embolism in stems of Laurus nobilis are consistent with hydraulic measurements of percentage loss of conductance
A Nardini, T Savi, A Losso, G Petit, S Pacilè, G Tromba, S Mayr, P Trifilò, ...
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T Savi, S Andri, A Nardini
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Species-specific reversal of stem xylem embolism after a prolonged drought correlates to endpoint concentration of soluble sugars
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Green roofs for a drier world: effects of hydrogel amendment on substrate and plant water status
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When smaller is better: leaf hydraulic conductance and drought vulnerability correlate to leaf size and venation density across four Coffea arabica genotypes
A Nardini, E Õunapuu-Pikas, T Savi
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Interplay of growth rate and xylem plasticity for optimal coordination of carbon and hydraulic economies in Fraxinus ornus trees
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Effects of prescribed burning on ecophysiological, anatomical and stem hydraulic properties in Pinus pinea L.
G Battipaglia, T Savi, D Ascoli, D Castagneri, A Esposito, S Mayr, ...
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Drought Stress and the Recovery from Xylem Embolism in Woody Plants
A Nardini, T Savi, P Trifilò, MAL Gullo
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The pitfalls of in vivo imaging techniques: evidence for cellular damage caused by synchrotron X‐ray computed micro‐tomography
F Petruzzellis, C Pagliarani, T Savi, A Losso, S Cavalletto, G Tromba, ...
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Drought versus heat: What's the major constraint on Mediterranean green roof plants?
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Drought-induced embolism in stems of sunflower: a comparison of in vivo micro-CT observations and destructive hydraulic measurements
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Leaf hydraulic vulnerability protects stem functionality under drought stress in Salvia officinalis
T Savi, M Marin, J Luglio, F Petruzzellis, S Mayr, A Nardini
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Sampling intraspecific variability in leaf functional traits: Practical suggestions to maximize collected information
F Petruzzellis, C Palandrani, T Savi, R Alberti, A Nardini, G Bacaro
Ecology and evolution 7 (24), 11236-11245, 2017
Morpho-anatomical and physiological traits in saplings of drought-tolerant Mediterranean woody species
T Savi, VL Love, A Dal Borgo, S Martellos, A Nardini
Trees 31 (4), 1137-1148, 2017
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