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The Rad50 zinc-hook is a structure joining Mre11 complexes in DNA recombination and repair
KP Hopfner, L Craig, G Moncalian, RA Zinkel, T Usui, BAL Owen, ...
Nature 418 (6897), 562, 2002
Mre11 dimers coordinate DNA end bridging and nuclease processing in double-strand-break repair
RS Williams, G Moncalian, JS Williams, Y Yamada, O Limbo, DS Shin, ...
Cell 135 (1), 97-109, 2008
The bacterial conjugation protein TrwB resembles ring helicases and F1-ATPase
FX Gomis-RuÈth, G Moncalián, R Pérez-Luque, A González, E Cabezón, ...
Nature 409 (6820), 637, 2001
Breaking and joining single-stranded DNA: the HUH endonuclease superfamily
M Chandler, F De La Cruz, F Dyda, AB Hickman, G Moncalian, ...
Nature Reviews Microbiology 11 (8), 525-538, 2013
Recognition and processing of the origin of transfer DNA by conjugative relaxase TrwC
A Guasch, M Lucas, G Moncalián, M Cabezas, R Pérez-Luque, ...
Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 10 (12), 1002, 2003
ABC ATPase signature helices in Rad50 link nucleotide state to Mre11 interface for DNA repair
GJ Williams, RS Williams, JS Williams, G Moncalian, AS Arvai, O Limbo, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 18 (4), 423, 2011
Characterization of ATP and DNA binding activities of TrwB, the coupling protein essential in plasmid R388 conjugation
G Moncalián, E Cabezón, I Alkorta, M Valle, F Moro, JM Valpuesta, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 274 (51), 36117-36124, 1999
The rad50 signature motif: essential to ATP binding and biological function
G Moncalian, B Lengsfeld, V Bhaskara, KP Hopfner, A Karcher, E Alden, ...
Journal of molecular biology 335 (4), 937-951, 2004
Alterations of OprD in carbapenem-intermediate and-susceptible strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from patients with bacteremia in a Spanish multicenter study
AA Ocampo-Sosa, G Cabot, C Rodríguez, E Roman, F Tubau, MD Macia, ...
Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy 56 (4), 1703-1713, 2012
Conjugative Plasmid Protein TrwB, an Integral Membrane Type IV Secretion System Coupling Protein DETAILED STRUCTURAL FEATURES AND MAPPING OF THE ACTIVE SITE CLEFT
FX Gomis-Rüth, G Moncalián, F de la Cruz, M Coll
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (9), 7556-7566, 2002
Cbl promotes clustering of endocytic adaptor proteins
D Jozic, N Cárdenes, YL Deribe, G Moncalián, D Hoeller, Y Groemping, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 12 (11), 972, 2005
OriT-processing and regulatory roles of TrwA protein in ploasmid R388 conjugation
G Moncalián, G Grandoso, M Llosa, F de la Cruz
Journal of molecular biology 270 (2), 188-200, 1997
Conjugative transfer can be inhibited by blocking relaxase activity within recipient cells with intrabodies
MP Garcillán‐Barcia, P Jurado, B González‐Pérez, G Moncalián, ...
Molecular microbiology 63 (2), 404-416, 2007
Analysis of DNA processing reactions in bacterial conjugation by using suicide oligonucleotides
B Gonzalez‐Perez, M Lucas, LA Cooke, JS Vyle, F De la Cruz, ...
The EMBO journal 26 (16), 3847-3857, 2007
DNA binding properties of protein TrwA, a possible structural variant of the Arc repressor superfamily
G Moncalián, F de la Cruz
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1701 (1-2), 15-23, 2004
The stb operon balances the requirements for vegetative stability and conjugative transfer of plasmid R388
C Guynet, A Cuevas, G Moncalián, F de la Cruz
PLoS genetics 7 (5), e1002073, 2011
Atypical polyproline recognition by the CMS N-terminal Src homology 3 domain
G Moncalián, N Cárdenes, YL Deribe, M Spínola-Amilibia, I Dikic, J Bravo
Journal of Biological Chemistry 281 (50), 38845-38853, 2006
Relaxase DNA binding and cleavage are two distinguishable steps in conjugative DNA processing that involve different sequence elements of the nic site
M Lucas, B González-Pérez, M Cabezas, G Moncalian, G Rivas, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (12), 8918-8926, 2010
Plasmid R1 conjugative DNA processing is regulated at the coupling protein interface
S Mihajlovic, S Lang, MV Sut, H Strohmaier, CJ Gruber, G Koraimann, ...
Journal of bacteriology 191 (22), 6877-6887, 2009
Analysis of ColE1 MbeC unveils an extended ribbon-helix-helix family of nicking accessory proteins
A Varsaki, G Moncalián, M del Pilar Garcillán-Barcia, C Drainas, ...
Journal of bacteriology 191 (5), 1446-1455, 2009
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