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Frédéric Plantier
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High-pressure (up to 140 MPa) density and derivative properties of some (pentyl-, hexyl-, and heptyl-) amines between (293.15 and 353.15) K
Y Miyake, A Baylaucq, F Plantier, D Bessières, H Ushiki, C Boned
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 40 (5), 836-845, 2008
Acoustic method for measuring asphaltene flocculation in crude oils
H Carrier, F Plantier, JL Daridon, B Lagourette, Z Lu
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 27 (3-4), 111-117, 2000
Thermal behavior of mixtures of bentonitic clay and saline solutions
LM Casás, M Pozo, CP Gómez, E Pozo, LD Bessières, F Plantier, ...
Applied clay science 72, 18-25, 2013
Specific heat of mixtures of bentonitic clay with sea water or distilled water for their use in thermotherapy
LM Casás, JL Legido, M Pozo, L Mourelle, F Plantier, D Bessières
Thermochimica acta 524 (1-2), 68-73, 2011
Isentropic thermophysical properties of pure n-paraffins as a function of temperature and chain length
F Plantier, JL Daridon, B Lagourette, C Boned
Measurement under high pressure of the nonlinearity parameter B/A in glycerol at various temperatures
H Khelladi, F Plantier, JL Daridon, H Djelouah
Ultrasonics 49 (8), 668-675, 2009
Density functional theory for the description of spherical non-associating monomers in confined media using the SAFT-VR equation of state and weighted density approximations
C Malheiro, B Mendiboure, F Plantier, FJ Blas, C Miqueu
The Journal of chemical physics 140 (13), 134707, 2014
Nonlinear parameter (B/A) measurements in methanol, 1-butanol and 1-octanol for different pressures and temperatures
F Plantier, JL Daridon, B Lagourette
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 35 (10), 1063, 2002
Measurement of the nonlinearity parameter under high pressure: Application to water
F Plantier, JL Daridon, B Lagourette
The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 111 (2), 707-715, 2002
Study of the volumetric properties of weakly associated alcohols by means of high-pressure speed of sound measurements
D González-Salgado, J Troncoso, F Plantier, JL Daridon, D Bessières
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 38 (7), 893-899, 2006
Temperature and pressure dependences of thermophysical properties of some ethylene glycol dimethyl ethers from ultrasonic measurements
ER López, JL Daridon, F Plantier, C Boned, J Fernández
International journal of thermophysics 27 (5), 1354-1372, 2006
A fully consistent experimental and molecular simulation study of methane adsorption on activated carbon
F Khaddour, A Knorst-Fouran, F Plantier, MM Pineiro, B Mendiboure, ...
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Specific heat of mixtures of kaolin with sea water or distilled water for their use in thermotherapy
MM Mato, LM Casás, JL Legido, C Gómez, L Mourelle, D Bessieres, ...
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A thermostated coupled apparatus for the simultaneous determination of adsorption isotherms and differential enthalpies of adsorption at high pressure and high temperature
A Mouahid, D Bessieres, F Plantier, G Pijaudier-Cabot
Journal of thermal analysis and calorimetry 109 (2), 1077-1087, 2012
Analysis of the orientational order effect on n-alkanes: Evidences on experimental response functions and description using Monte Carlo molecular simulation
D Bessières, MM Piñeiro, G De Ferron, F Plantier
The Journal of chemical physics 133 (7), 074507, 2010
Accurate global thermophysical characterization of hydrofluoroethers through a statistical associating fluid theory variable range approach, based on new experimental high …
T Lafitte, F Plantier, MM Piñeiro, JL Daridon, D Bessières
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 46 (21), 6998-7007, 2007
Speed of Sound of 2-Methylpentane, 2, 3-Dimethylpentane, and 2, 2, 4-Trimethylpentane from (293.15 to 373.15) K and up to 150 MPa
F Plantier, JL Daridon
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 50 (6), 2077-2081, 2005
Influence of dilution on the thermophysical properties of Dax peloid (TERDAX®)
A Knorst-Fouran, LM Casás, JL Legido, C Coussine, D Bessières, ...
Thermochimica acta 539, 34-38, 2012
Note: Temperature derivative of the refractive index of binary mixtures measured by using a new thermodiffusion cell
F Croccolo, F Plantier, G Galliero, G Pijaudier-Cabot, MZ Saghir, F Dubois, ...
Review of scientific instruments 82 (12), 126105, 2011
Measurements under high pressure of ultrasonic wave velocity in glycerol
H Khelladi, F Plantier, JL Daridon, H Djelouah
2009 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, 1567-1570, 2009
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