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Shrikant Kukreti
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Oxidative stress: a key modulator in neurodegenerative diseases
A Singh, R Kukreti, L Saso, S Kukreti
Molecules 24 (8), 1583, 2019
Rational design of a triple helix-specific intercalating ligand
C Escudé, CH Nguyen, S Kukreti, Y Janin, JS Sun, E Bisagni, T Garestier, ...
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Reaction of artemisinin with haemoglobin: implications for antimalarial activity
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Extension of the range of DNA sequences available for triple helix formation: stabilization of mismatched triplexes by acridine-containing oligonucleotides
S Kukreti, JS Sun, T Garestier, C Hélène
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Hairpin–duplex equilibrium reflected in the A→ B transition in an undecamer quasi‐palindrome present in the locus control region of the human β‐globin gene cluster
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Possibility of an antiparallel (tetramer) quadruplex exhibited by the double repeat of the human telomere
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Structural transition from dimeric to tetrameric i‐motif, caused by the presence of TAA at the 3′‐end of human telomeric C‐rich sequence
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Binding of ethyl pyruvate to bovine serum albumin: Calorimetric, spectroscopic and molecular docking studies
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Structural polymorphism exhibited by a quasipalindrome present in the locus control region (LCR) of the human β-globin gene cluster
M Kaushik, S Kukreti
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Noscapine and its analogs as chemotherapeutic agent: Current updates
V Tomar, S Kukreti, S Prakash, J Madan, R Chandra
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Binding of oligopeptides to d-AGATCTAGATCT and d-AAGCTTAAGCTT: can tryptophan intercalate in DNA hairpins?
MR Rajeswari, HS Bose, S Kukreti, A Gupta, VS Chauhan, KB Roy
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Hairpin and duplex forms of a self-complementary dodecamer, d-AGATCTAGATCT, and interaction of the duplex form with the peptide KGWGK: can a pentapeptide destabilize DNA?
KB Roy, S Kukreti, HS Bose, VS Chauhan, MR Rajeswari
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Effect of oxidative stress on ABC transporters: contribution to epilepsy pharmacoresistance
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Structural polymorphism exhibited by a homopurine· homopyrimidine sequence found at the right end of human c-jun protooncogene
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Magnesium and molecular crowding of the cosolutes stabilize the i‐motif structure at physiological pH
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Protein engineering and de novo designing of a biocatalyst
M Kaushik, P Sinha, P Jaiswal, S Mahendru, K Roy, S Kukreti
Journal of Molecular Recognition 29 (10), 499-503, 2016
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