Roland Mathieu
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The anomalous Hall effect and magnetic monopoles in momentum space
Z Fang, N Nagaosa, KS Takahashi, A Asamitsu, R Mathieu, T Ogasawara, ...
Science 302 (5642), 92-95, 2003
Near-Room-Temperature Colossal Magnetodielectricity and Multiglass Properties in Partially Disordered La_ {2} NiMnO_ {6}
D Choudhury, P Mandal, R Mathieu, A Hazarika, S Rajan, A Sundaresan, ...
Physical Review Letters 108 (12), 127201, 2012
Memory and superposition in a spin glass
R Mathieu, P Jönsson, DNH Nam, P Nordblad
Physical Review B 63 (9), 092401, 2001
Scaling of the Anomalous Hall Effect in Sr_ {1-x} Ca_ {x} RuO_ {3}
R Mathieu, A Asamitsu, H Yamada, KS Takahashi, M Kawasaki, Z Fang, ...
Physical review letters 93 (1), 016602, 2004
Colossal magnetoresistance without phase separation: Disorder-induced spin glass state and nanometer scale orbital-charge correlation in half doped manganites
R Mathieu, D Akahoshi, A Asamitsu, Y Tomioka, Y Tokura
Physical review letters 93 (22), 227202, 2004
Defect-Induced Magnetic Structure in (Ga_ {1-x} Mn_ {x}) As
PA Korzhavyi, IA Abrikosov, EA Smirnova, L Bergqvist, P Mohn, ...
Physical review letters 88 (18), 187202, 2002
Spin-glass dynamics of La_ {0.95} Sr_ {0.05} CoO_ {3}
DNH Nam, R Mathieu, P Nordblad, NV Khiem, NX Phuc
Physical Review B 62 (13), 8989, 2000
Nonequilibrium dynamics of spin glasses: Examination of the ghost domain scenario
PE Jönsson, R Mathieu, P Nordblad, H Yoshino, HA Katori, A Ito
Physical Review B 70 (17), 174402, 2004
Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterisation of the double perovskite A2MnMoO6 (A= Ba, Sr)
AK Azad, SG Eriksson, SA Ivanov, R Mathieu, P Svedlindh, J Eriksen, ...
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 364 (1-2), 77-82, 2004
Short-range ferromagnetism and spin-glass state in Y_ {0.7} Ca_ {0.3} MnO_ {3}
R Mathieu, P Nordblad, DNH Nam, NX Phuc, NV Khiem
Physical Review B 63 (17), 174405, 2001
Ferromagnetism and frustration in Nd_ {0.7} Sr_ {0.3} MnO_ {3}
DNH Nam, R Mathieu, P Nordblad, NV Khiem, NX Phuc
Physical Review B 62 (2), 1027, 2000
Structural and magnetic properties of LaFe< sub> 0.5</sub> Cr< sub> 0.5</sub> O< sub> 3</sub> studied by neutron diffraction, electron diffraction and magnetometry
AK Azad, A Mellergård, SG Eriksson, SA Ivanov, SM Yunus, F Lindberg, ...
Materials Research Bulletin 40 (10), 1633-1644, 2005
Structural and magnetic properties of GaMnAs layers with high Mn-content grown by migration-enhanced epitaxy on GaAs (100) substrates
J Sadowski, R Mathieu, P Svedlindh, JZ Domagała, J Bak-Misiuk, ...
Applied Physics Letters 78 (21), 3271-3273, 2001
Origin of the Spin-Orbital Liquid State in a Nearly J= 0 Iridate Ba 3 ZnIr 2 O 9
A Nag, S Middey, S Bhowal, SK Panda, R Mathieu, JC Orain, F Bert, ...
Physical Review Letters 116 (9), 097205, 2016
Tuning of dielectric properties and magnetism of SrTiO_ {3} by site-specific doping of Mn
D Choudhury, S Mukherjee, P Mandal, A Sundaresan, UV Waghmare, ...
Physical Review B 84 (12), 125124, 2011
Tuning the Size and Shape of Oxide Nanoparticles by Controlling Oxygen Content in the Reaction Environment: Morphological Analysis by Aspect Maps
G Muscas, G Singh, WR Glomm, R Mathieu, PA Kumar, G Concas, ...
Chemistry of Materials 27, 1982, 2015
Synthesis, crystal structure, and magnetic characterization of the double perovskite Ba< sub> 2</sub> MnWO< sub> 6</sub>
AK Azad, SA Ivanov, SG Eriksson, J Eriksen, H Rundlöf, R Mathieu, ...
Materials research bulletin 36 (12), 2215-2228, 2001
Remanence plots as a probe of spin disorder in magnetic nanoparticles
JA De Toro, M Vasilakaki, SS Lee, MS Andersson, PS Normile, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29, 8258, 2017
Eu_ {0.5} Sr_ {1.5} MnO_ {4}: A three-dimensional XY spin glass
R Mathieu, A Asamitsu, Y Kaneko, JP He, Y Tokura
Physical Review B 72 (1), 014436, 2005
Absence of Conventional Spin-Glass Transition in the Ising Dipolar System LiHo_ {x} Y_ {1-x} F_ {4}
PE Jönsson, R Mathieu, W Wernsdorfer, AM Tkachuk, B Barbara
Physical review letters 98 (25), 256403, 2007
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