Sonja Siljak-Yakovlev
Sonja Siljak-Yakovlev
Directeur de Recherche Emerite, CNRS, Université Paris-Sud
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The origin and evolution of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas Lam.) and its wild relatives through the cytogenetic approaches
S Srisuwan, D Sihachakr, S Siljak-Yakovlev
Plant Science 171 (3), 424-433, 2006
Towards a genome size and chromosome number database of Balkan flora: C-values in 343 taxa with novel values for 242
S Siljak-Yakovlev, F Pustahija, EM Šolić, F Bogunić, E Muratović, N Bašić, ...
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Heterochromatin study demonstrating the non‐linearity of fluorometry useful for calculating genomic base composition
B Godelle, D Cartier, D Marie, SC Brown, S Siljak‐Yakovlev
Cytometry: The Journal of the International Society for Analytical Cytology …, 1993
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Theoretical and Applied Genetics 104, 505-512, 2002
Molecular-cytogenetic studies of ribosomal genes and heterochromatin reveal conserved genome organization among 11 Quercus species
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Source of resistance against Ralstonia solanacearum in fertile somatic hybrids of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) with Solanum aethiopicum L
C Collonnier, K Mulya, I Fock, I Mariska, A Servaes, F Vedel, ...
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Effect of the environmental conditions on essential oil profile in two Dinaric Salvia species: S. brachyodon Vandas and S. officinalis L.
M Maksimović, D Vidic, M Miloš, ME Šolić, S Abadžić, S Siljak-Yakovlev
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Small genomes dominate in plants growing on serpentine soils in West Balkans, an exhaustive study of 8 habitats covering 308 taxa
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M Cerbah, J Coulaud, S Siljak-Yakovlev
Journal of Heredity 89 (4), 312-318, 1998
Molecular phylogeny of the genus Hypochaeris using internal transcribed spacers of nuclear rDNA: inference for chromosomal evolution.
M Cerbah, T Souza-Chies, MF Jubier, B Lejeune, S Siljak-Yakovlev
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Phylogenetic relationships among species of Hypochaeris (Asteraceae, Cichorieae) based on ITS, plastid trnL intron, trnLF spacer, and matK sequences
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Molecular cytogenetics of the genus Artemisia (Asteraceae, Anthemideae): fluorochrome banding and fluorescence in situ hybridization. I. Subgenus Seriphidium and related taxa
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Cytogenetic characterization of endemics: past and future
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Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant …, 2012
Mediterranean chromosome number reports-23
G Kamari, C Blanche, S Siljak-Yakovlev
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S Siljak-Yakovlev, S Peccenini, E Muratovic, V Zoldos, O Robin, J Valles
Plant Systematics and Evolution 236, 165-173, 2003
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